Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

Im so on board. This is great😃😃😃 will you publish to fdroid or another non Google store?

@pixelfed @dansup are these going to be built using something like Cordova so one codebase that is cross platform or are you building with java on android and swift on iOS?

@jeybe @pixelfed he's making an official client, it'll work on iOS and Android. PixelDroid is not an official client.

@pixelfed Nice, looking forward to use it. But, if I may... I don't think that cloning Instagram's interface is a good thing. As a UX Designer, I see a lot os flaws in their design and Pixelfed might look as a "cheap imitation" of Instagram.

Still, I wanna use it ;)

@pixelfed I would be interested in beta testing! The lack of an iOS app is literally the only thing stopping me from using Pixelfed.

@pixelfed would love to help test iOS! The PWA is pretty good but would love a native app!

@danie10 @pixelfed PixelDroid for Android. It's not available on F-Droid and Play Store yet but can get it on GitHub.

Would love to use that but I am wondering if I would. I have a Huawei with some 4 cameras that are in details able to deliver better pictures then my Nikon D3200. I do get better results with that Nikon. Might be since Nikon has a better support for a steady hand correction, dunno :-)

@pixelfed doing a search, found this. Is there aN iOS app yet? Please and thank you.

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