Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

Im so on board. This is great😃😃😃 will you publish to fdroid or another non Google store?

@pixelfed @dansup are these going to be built using something like Cordova so one codebase that is cross platform or are you building with java on android and swift on iOS?

@pixelfed would be cool if i could test and report back any issues/crashes since i find them sometimes, but if you really need some person to beta test there's @Einhjeriar who tests a lot of stuff around this instance.

@koyu @pixelfed Well, I can't guarantee anything. Let's see next month.

@jeybe @pixelfed he's making an official client, it'll work on iOS and Android. PixelDroid is not an official client.

@pixelfed sign me up please add of posts and feed can you release as an version on soon

@pixelfed Nice, looking forward to use it. But, if I may... I don't think that cloning Instagram's interface is a good thing. As a UX Designer, I see a lot os flaws in their design and Pixelfed might look as a "cheap imitation" of Instagram.

Still, I wanna use it ;)

Do let me know

Will you be releasing to or just @fdroidorg ? Also will you add a delete oldest posts after certain amount of time.

@pixelfed I would be interested in beta testing! The lack of an iOS app is literally the only thing stopping me from using Pixelfed.

@pixelfed would love to help test iOS! The PWA is pretty good but would love a native app!

@danie10 @pixelfed PixelDroid for Android. It's not available on F-Droid and Play Store yet but can get it on GitHub.


The most excellent #Fedilab app supports #Friendica, #GNU Social, #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Pixelfed, and #Pleroma in a single multi-account platform, including cross-Posting, special timeline following, Invidious and Nitter integration, one touch translation, and much much more.

I've included links to the Home page, F-Droid repo, and several HowTo #videos.

Out of the box it's is simple and straight forward to use, but it's also highly customizable and powerful for the more demanding and discerning user.

It is by far the most full featured #Fediverse client for #Android devices and is free of any sort of hard coded censorship, blocking, or crippleware built into some of the other current apps.

Here's some HoTo videos on its usage:

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #OpenSource

I hope that helps :)

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