Pixelfed Loops is a Vine inspired experiment based around short looping videos, the beta launched in early 2019.

We have decided to retire this experiment and focus on an improved layout inspired by TikTok.

When will we get copyright field? Or edit post option? Or multiline caption support? Or proper bidi support?

@ahangarha @pixelfed I am afraid new sophisticated features and experiments are more important than to build a usable basic application. I am sorry to say that, but meanwhile I have lost interest in Pixelfed because development does not concentrate on important core functions and prefers to build in additional gadgets. I am very disappointed 😔

@erik @pixelfed
I don't think one should be disappointed. This project is moving forward by passion and it is understandable why one would spend more time on what looks more interesting to him/her.

@ahangarha @pixelfed Passion is a good motivator, but you must not lose sight of the goal,
to build a fully functional application. I can remember that there was a big release planed over a year ago. I don't think it's a good idea to keep raising high expectations in the community that you can't meet in a timely manner. And now I'm gonna stop bitching 😇

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