The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

@pixelfed that’s wonderful news... congrats to the team for the great effort of give us better cyberspaces

@pixelfed i would love it =) Was trying to get one running too, but i am not that developer =(


Not Google play as well? Hope for a schedule post option also why a fixed storage limit? Would there be an option to delete oldest photos once we reach the storage limit?

@zlabas @pixelfed yeah alternative decentralized social apps need to be on the linux phones too sailfishOS pinephone and librem 5 etc

@pixelfed Until it shows up on F-Droid, is the APK available for download on Github?

@flowinho @pixelfed Can’t seem to find it either. Guess it’s still in the process of approval?

@pixelfed Hmm… I can’t find any hits for such an app on and of the F-Droid GitLab repositories. Did you put in a request already?

@pixelfed I cannot find it on F-Droid. Is there a wait?

@david @pixelfed yep, I believe all apps take a few days to show up after they are submitted to f-droid

@pixelfed Where can this be found right now? Any github repo for that?

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