@resynth1943 @pixelfed turning plaintext messages to E2E encrypted ones doesn't require any specs. It even can be done manually by the users.

@danialbehzadi @pixelfed There's no defined way to actually communicate via E2EE. Are you talking about encrypting the messages on the server?

@danialbehzadi @pixelfed What I meant to say was there's no defined way via ActivityPub. Matrix, on the other hand, has blown it out the water.

@danialbehzadi @pixelfed Well yes, obviously. I assumed you had got your terms mixed up. My apologies.

@danialbehzadi @pixelfed To be honest though if you want proper E2EE maybe just use Matrix. Lemmy delegates DM stuff to Matrix and that's probably a good idea.

@pixelfed I would add some padding to the "Reply" box, too close to the border

@pixelfed and tbh I don't see why you need to say it's a convo with dansup twice

What kind of protocol do these use? ActivityPub? Pleroma chats? Matrix?

دانیال من نتونستم تو نسخه‌ی اندرویدی که معرفی کردی آخر لاگین بشم چیکارش کنم؟🤦🏽‍♂️

@danialbehzadi لینکش رو یا apk ش رو برام بفرستی ممنون می‌شم.

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