@pixelfed looking good! Are there plans to support the W3C standard for automatic dark mode based on user preference?

@pixelfed perfect! That is what I am looking forward to as I tend to change my phone’s system light/dark style pretty frequently, and I like web apps to follow along. 😁

@pixelfed I'm glad this dark mode is back! It's not the same as the previous dark mode pixelfed had, (the light shade of black) but I like it better than the mastodon blue 😀

@pixelfed Oh, I thought there was a new app released but see this is only for the website?

@pixelfed that’s really cool. Still waiting for the apps? Where are they?

@pixelfed "Home Timeline" and "3 months ago" have a very low contrast value. Which is an obstacle for visually impaired users who like dark mode.

@pixelfed Aunque los tonos azulados no me desagradaban, he de admitir que el nuevo tema negro me parece elegante y sobre todo realza lo que importa de Pixelfed, las fotografías. 👍🏻

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