We shipped a few comment improvements!

- Autocomplete hashtags + mentions
- New UI, optimized for mobile
- Remembers timeline position when you go back to timelines

While this is only available for timeline comments, we plan to roll this out to the rest of :pixelfed: later this week.

@pixelfed oh nice, is this already on dev branch, so instance get it simply by git pull. Or is it in for next release?

@wisemonkey It was merged into the dev branch yesterday, just do git pull 😁

@pixelfed hmm... It looks like a reason to switch my local instance to dev branch.
One more question: what about 2FA? PixelDroid faults authentication when 2FA is turned on on Pixelfed account. Developer of PixelDroid said that problem is on Pixelfed side.

I feel like I'm pixelfed famous now. Clearly one of my more intellectual toots.

@pixelfed this works?
crashes with apps like pixeldroid, tusky, AndStatus or fedilab, and the same thing happens with the the phone, this crashes when trying to login.

the only way to make pixelfed work is by logging in from a Windows pc?

@isaakubus @pixelfed try resetting your browser or using another browser, this feels like a problem with your browser...

@PixelDroid @pixelfed the dame thing with ópera, Firefox, Edge, and other browser, allá works very well, but with pixelfed they crashes... Then ... Maybe the problem is and nota the browser...

@PixelDroid @pixelfed ya probé con cualquier otro browser, pasa lo mismo, hace crash con pixelfed y solo con pixelfed al momento de ingresar usuario y contraseña desde el móvil, da igual que sea Firefox, ópera, Edge, Chrome, etcétera, todas esas apps funcionan bien, solo hacen crash con pixelfed en el móvil, entonces... El problema es y no el browser...

@PixelDroid @pixelfed cualquier app que use para ingresar a hace crash.
Usé pixeldroid, AndStatus, tusky, etcétera, también usé todo tipo de browser, todo lo anterior funciona bien, funciona perfectamente excepto al intentar ingresar usuario y contraseña para pixelfed y solo con pixelfed es que marca error o hace crash.
Viendo esto, el error entonces no está en el browser, sino en pixelfed ;)

@PixelDroid @pixelfed solo puedo ingresar correctamente a pixelfed desde la PC, en el móvil es imposible

@PixelDroid @pixelfed I have already reset the browser more than 9 times, I have already used other browsers (Firefox, Edge, chromium, opera, etc.), I have already reset the phone, I have returned the mobile to factory settings and still crashes in it time to login. I have only been able to access pixelfed through the PC browser, on mobile it is impossible.

@isaakubus @pixelfed huh interesting, so this doesn't happen on other pixelfed instances then? In that case, it does sound like a issue

@PixelDroid @pixelfed another instance? I mean, should I delete my account and switch to another site?

interesting ... I came to pixelfed because they said it was better than pinterest or instagram... 😥

anyway ... I'll try changing the instance to see what happens ...

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