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@pixelfed this should be a free response text field and not a preprogrammed list

@trwnh @pixelfed Yes please, this has to be a free form. There can be suggestions for the options you are aware of (as it looks for having fae/faer), but it has to be possible to add to it.

@rhonda @trwnh @pixelfed I agree picking should be a free and unlimited choice.
Sadly unrestricted text fields also open up a vector for trolling, in explicitly that context which would be rather bad. I have no idea how that could be mitigated in a meaningful way without restricting expression. :-/

@MacLemon Working against trolling would be up for the site admin. You can't work technical against a social issue. I thought you are long enough in the field to know that. ;) And given that pixelfed is a federated service I don't think that's that big of an issue. Especially with free software, people will set up their own instances and just hack into the code to put their attack helicopter in anyways. That's not a reason to not do the sensible thing. @trwnh @pixelfed

@rhonda Did you just taunt me as old? :-) I‘m well aware and also that putting more burden on admins doesn‘t scale well.
I see a difference between any user being able to troll/attack by populating a text field *in context* or having to set up an instance *and* maintaining a core patch. So the idea is to make it not worth the effort.
If limit string length weren‘t so language/script dependent it was almost worth a try, but that‘s not how language works.

@trwnh @pixelfed

@MacLemon @rhonda @trwnh @pixelfed short hint, Mastodon has multiple free form fields in the profiles and it is no problem. So there will be no probem with this for pixelfed too.

@leah You‘re absolutely correct. Even though I use these fields myself, for said purpose, I guess my mind was mislead by the specific label for the field. Thanks for sharing your real-world insight as instance admin. @rhonda @trwnh @pixelfed Makes sense that trying to limit the potential for abuse would also have to limit expression which is what we wanted to prevent in the first place.

I apologize for my cobra-effect train of thought.

@rhonda @trwnh @pixelfed thanks so much for adding pronouns, but I must agree that a free form text field would be better. I understand a list sounds appealing, but it's actually a hassle for both the developer and users, especially because (presumably) you don't actually need uniformly formatted information for demographic purposes. See these two excellent presentations for why free text is better:

@pixelfed I am so glad you are back in active development! Thank you very much!

Waiting for the mobile app…


@pixelfed why not allow just general-purpose profile fields like mastodon and pleroma
@chj0 @pixelfed this one looks kleen but uh, yeah that's probably better

@pixelfed Why would I want to though! I'm here for art, not looking for partner.

@openmastering @pixelfed

You can write in your description whatever you like, why add a special option for that? I mean I just don't feel comfortable with everyone in social media shouting about their sex as a most important thing right after their name. And it's surely not just trans people, so many do this now.

There's many important things, different for everyone but this one is being forced everywhere, much too hard for my personal taste. Hence my reaction.


If you don’t want to, this feature is not for you. It’s for other people who want to better identify themselves. You, however, can ignore it.

@hypolite @pixelfed

Yeah it is about me as much as whole society. First thing I get to know about almost everyone here nowadays is their gender. I do not care about it when I watch art.

You can guess what you will about me, no problem. Why is it so important to you though is my question. Will you treat me differently based on it?

@hypolite @pixelfed

My what? Where did you even get this nonsensical conclusions from.

Regarding first paragraph why would you want to tell me anything that anyone would consider sexist. We don't know each other, you can talk like that to your friends, not strangers on internet. And if we do get to know each other you will just know what you can tell me no matter what my gender is. Once again, you people make too much noise around this topic. It's private things.

@hypolite although I can guess your pronouns just by your reply
Are you aware that this is sexism?
omg didn't want to start a flamewar. just cnr. sorry

Hi @pixelfed 👋🏻! Maybe you should remove https:// from the website?

@pixelfed This is, however, pretty weird. Pronouns can mean two things:
- using specific words to talk to someone, or
- reading someone using specific words.

I can't just see a user case when someone offended by these words and therefore avoiding people using these could just meet the problem.

What I see some people actually going to people using these words, reading them, writing to them and explaining them that they shall behave differently just because s/he wants it so.

That's about normal at age 3. Beyond that it seems like a real mental problem. I mean, go see a doctor, your life may be in danger. I worry for you.

Any time pronouns come up, I only have one question: how does this work across languages, if it does?

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