The admin dashboard has a fresh coat of paint, and is now available!

@pixelfed In a lot of your posts you say “is now available”, yet all the screenshots continue to say v0.10.10. Am I misunderstanding the versioning system?

I believe the reference is to the dev releases. So you could technically fetch it from Github if you're running your own instance.

@dada une instance avec une communauté fr à recommander pour tester ? 👀

@Gargron @pixelfed Thanks, I can’t take all the credit as I used a bootstrap admin theme, but it is much easier to navigate and prettier than the 2018-era dashboard.

@pixelfed Hi ! Tried a fresh install but when going to admin page got this error "Undefined index: statuses_monthly (View: /.../resources/views/admin/home.blade.php)"
Did I miss something during installation ?

@pixelfed I look forward to using this new admin panel. Hopefully sometime today after setting up my first instance.

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