Hello WebP 🎉

You can now enable support in the admin media settings!

Nice! We should come up with a way to expose webp images in ActivityPub objects. I store everything in webp natively and convert to jpeg on the fly as needed.

@grishka Let's do it, sharing webp by default could save a lot of bandwidth, energy and costs in the long run.

We can fallback to jpeg/png for compatibility until other projects adopt this!

Do we know any stats on how much savings does switch to webp gives?


randy, in my experiments webp is around 25-50% smaller than a jpeg of equivalent quality. Then there's also avif, which is even more efficient, I'll support that at some point too.

That looks like massive gains already. I hope downsteam devs like app developers bring support for it, but I guess devices like android would also need support?

randy, android supported webp natively for ages. And by natively I mean that you can just feed a webp file into BitmapFactory and it'll happily decode it. It's capable of encoding webp as well. It's iOS that's more of a problem, but I'd be surprised if no one made a library that wraps libwebp into an UIImage extension.

Cool. I did not know about that.
Thanks and keep up the good work

@pixelfed great! Will this include animated webp or just stills?

@pixelfed lmao Pixelfed admin panel looks better than the whole website

By the way, please change the color of the heart to red in dark mode! 🙏

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