Bigger and Better.

The new desktop timeline will be rolling out soon!

@pixelfed As long as I only find this in the AppStore, you are not an alternative for me. I know there is also a mobile web frontend, I just say: no not acceptable.

@betamax65 Our main priority is building an accessible platform for the open web. Mobile apps are nice, but not everyone has access to the app stores or smartphones.

@pixelfed Have fun with it. I have access to this technology and that's how I measure what technology gets a chance with me and what doesn't. For me, it's still primarily the benefit and not the ideology that counts.

@betamax65 I understand that, we are working on a mobile app. We don't want to rush it though, Instagrams app set quite a high bar. The first impression means everything, and I hope you give it a try when released!

@pixelfed @betamax65 please, PLEASE, could you also make properly working federation at least one of your priorities? Without it there is little sense in using pixelfed, unfortunately 😿

@betamax65 @pixelfed

You are most definitely right, but I will never convince my friends to move to Pixelfed with me if they have no app to use Pixelfed from! Nobody among common photo-sharing apps’ users posts or scrolls their feed from the web interface…

In my opinion, developing an app should be priority number one, since I am confident and almost sure that it would greatly increase the user base!

@tommi @betamax65 @pixelfed word.
Have you considered ?
It's not quite a native app, and it took some messing around to get federation to work, but I've found it quite helpful to use with my misskey alt.
@betamax65 @tommi @pixelfed they're on iOS? Yeah that might be tricky. I can't just go check on apple's app store.
Though I also found on f-droid.
@betamax65 @pixelfed @tommi I dunno about pixelfed apps on iOS but sandboxed webapp-browser thingies are multipurpose enough that you should be able to find some on there.
@betamax65 @pixelfed @tommi hmm. on google play also boasts pixelfed support? Like if you look around in the app store you should be able to find SOMETHING.

@pixelfed @fabyk Quite simply, the app you mentioned doesn't work on my iPhone (I've used smartphones with Android for years, it's not an option for me).

@pixelfed it's amazing how it changed 😊 I really like the layout, it's pretty clear and easy to use. I would say it's clearer than now 👍

@pixelfed very nice! Much cleaner and better browsable. Maybe we can have a floating "New Post" Button instead of the tiny plus?

@pixelfed also I like the white space on the right side, there is now space for e.g. instance/network announcements

When VK rolled out large photos, that produced some memes.

So... Спасибо, Дань, теперь видно!

@pixelfed Awesome ! I hope that #PixelDroid will add support for stories soon !

@pixelfed Maybe instead of having that large search bar, move it to the side. That way you can make the feed have more vertical space!

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