Hello text-only posts!

You can now see text-only posts in your home timeline from accounts you follow.

You cannot create text-only posts on Pixelfed, you will only see text-only posts from other fediverse platforms like Mastodon and Pleroma.

@pixelfed need to post the convert command line to create the image to Mastodon or Pleroma, then the image to PixelFed

Dreaming the possible dream :)

@pixelfed ayy, its time for bloooogggggggsssssss wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww epiiiiiccccccccc

@pixelfed i don't get the point of seeing text-only posts on Pixelfed... I understand Pixelfed as a media-based social network, so, in my use case, i follow people from (for example Mastodon), which sometimes upload nice media, but of course they also upload text posts... but, what i really want to see is media posts (images and videos).
Maybe seeing text posts and not being able to make one, can affect UX, it might confuse a lot of users IMHO.

@pixelfed ... and, not to say, if a user expects Pixelfed to be a media-based social network, but there is only text posts in the timeline, wouldn't it also confuse users? 🤔

I think this is very useful to have a more complete featureset suporting 'the fesiverse'
I think it's strange you only see SOME of the statuses of ppl. you follow.

This just makes pixelfed more interoperable and if you usually post images but like to read/see every post it's ideal.

I see this similar to xmpp your xmpp-software MUST support messages and presence but only a subset supports whiteboards, games, home automation or encryption.


@admin From what I've seen in a later post, it's opt-in

@pixelfed So, it's an interesting idea to support this, and it's cool that you built this part...

But, why support statuses at all, if the people using the platform can't create statuses themselves? Why not just not have statuses?

@sean We are working on support for composing text-only posts and polls in Pixelfed.

While we started out as a photo-only platform, many users have requested this so they don't need multiple accounts across the fediverse!


I don't think this is important, one can use any dummy-image to post it along a text-status.
I'd say using some kind of article-image or icon or symbolic picture is even better but a plain test posting


@pixelfed sounds great! I guess it will be interesting to integrate this all into the existing layout.
@pixelfed completely unrelated, but is custom css functionality active or is the tab in admin->settings just a placeholder?

After enabling, if I try and save custom css, it am redirected to the Features tab and the custom css isn't saved.

Happy to raise a ticket as always, just wanted to confirm before doing so whether its supposed to be working yet.

@jk Oops! That is a bug, was able to reproduce and will add it to my todo list.

@pixelfed Does that mean links would finally work on PixelFed? And are there any plans to support custom domains?

@uncertainquark @pixelfed Preventing autolinks of urls was a anti-spam measure, and tbh wasn't very successful. With new and more successful anti-spam measures in place, I think its okay to autolink urls again. Will get to this after work.

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