In case you missed it, you can now see text-only posts in your home timeline!

Navigate to Settings -> Timeline to enable this, where supported.

@pixelfed I would just enable text only posts by default and declare pixelfed as a facebook competitor.

It has a nice family friendly look already so it will attract all the boomers spamming vacation photos 😂

@pixelfed I didn’t know we can create text only posts? Is this new?

@dminca I don't think you can, looking at the posts in the first picture you can see that they come from a Mastodon account; this feature seems to help with federation so you could follow someone's Mastodon on your PixelFed.

@Deceneus I think it means you can enable seeing text only posts (from accounts you follow across the fediverse) in your timeline, not create text only posts on pixelfed.
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