Stories 2.0 with comments, federation, polls, reactions and video support.

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@pixelfed there will be an app for iOS? I feel limited using the web version 'cause it works slow :(

@pixelfed @Milos same! I wont even bother using it until there’s an app. :/

@wex @pixelfed I read that there will be an app for iOS, but not yet. We must wait.

@pixelfed@mastodon.sociais There is a mobile app, isn't it?

@pixelfed @dansup Hey! What happened to the text posting and other features you announced would be released on Aug 13? I've been following the Mastodon updates and to be honest, it's confusing. I think having a blog for announcements of features, and other such important things, when they're widely available would be much easier to follow.

@pixelfed PixelDroid needs to be logged out and back in every week or two to keep the feeds fresh so I guess better Mobile. I would also like to subscribe to specific hashtags and I noticed videos don't work in #pixeldroid but that's probably not made by you guys, also just having more responsive server, load times & running contests or ad campaigns to draw users could go a long way I do not understand the purpose of Stories or how it can be useful. I would prefer Groups, but it needs to be visible to people not registered. The advantage of Groups (like Facebook) is that it can focus on specific topics and entice people to join and discuss those topics. If I have to go find people interested in the topic, I won't bother. Getting someone to join is like pulling teeth. It's not worth the hassle.

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