We're refactoring the mobile app to support Groups and Stories.

Once those features are released, our top priority will be releasing the mobile app beta!

One more question @pixelfed, is there a way to sign up to participate in the testing of this beta?

@timothee We will have TestFlight for iOS when the beta is ready to ship! We will announce it here when it's ready.

@pixelfed @jwsp1 That's great that it'll be available on F-Droid as well. Wouldn't be so cool if we just had to resort to Google Playstore only.

@gmate8 We're using native icons atm, or do you mean for the web ui?

@pixelfed I meant the app! It could use soon the icons you use for the web! ;)

@pixelfed the big challenge of newcomers are the lack of features (yet), but i'm pretty surprised/graceful that a lot of new stuff is coming soon 😊 This WILL be game changing for sure!

@pixelfed I’m a new Pixelfed user, but finding the interface very confusing.
I’ve subscribed to lots of great hashtags but they don’t show up on my home feed. I have to either click on public or network to find them? Whey don’t the hashtags show up in the home feed after you’ve caught up on all posts? I don’t really get why you need to dig into public and network which are buried under the top right menu.

@OddHouseGames - From what I understand, subbing to hashtags only works on posts within (or that have been pulled into) your instance. This is an issue that exists on the fedi, regardless of the service you use. The instance you use, will only pull in posts from outside your instance, if you (or other users on your instance) follow them directly. Hashtag following will mostly only work if you have a lot of people on your instance who follow users on outside instances, where those posts are pulled into your instance, and searcheable by hashtag. At least this is how it used to function, I cant speak to the validity of this state ment in the current ecosystem. This is/was in an attempt to keep resource use low, so anyone could run a server, without hosting the hundreds of thousands of posts from all of the federated servers. It would be unviable for a single person to host; monitor; moderate and server all of the posts across every single server. The bandwidth alone would be immense. The thing to remember is that not every post in the fedi resides on every server. I'm open to being corrected of course, this is/was just my understanding of the situation.

@pixelfed Are there public repos for the apps if people want to contribute?

@pixelfed Stoked hearing that there will be an iOS and Android app!

@pixelfed theres some work around groups in fedi going around Lemmy development

@pixelfed Hopefully this will help with seeing comments on our posts in notifications... I don't see them on the mobile web version but they are there in my notifications on desktop web version.

@pixelfed is there a public repo for the mobile app? I'd really like to try it out and contribute

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