Stories 2.0

- Federation support
- Video support
- Story Polls
- Story Reactions (optional)
- Story Replies (optional)
- See who viewed your stories

Now available!

Special thanks to @NGIZero for funding this feature milestone! 🎉

"- See who viewed your stories" isn't really privacy friendly 😇

@kr1s000 @NGIZero You can only view stories of accounts you follow, letting the story author know who viewed the story is a fair trade in our opinion.

@spla We're going to tag a new release later today or tomorrow. We have a few more things to ship 😉

@pixelfed i don't know if this is on purpose, but... i get a strange bug and can't really figure out if it was happening before (on previous staging commits).
The "problem" me and other users of my instance are having, is that follower count does not refresh correctly when a follow happens. But, you can see the list of followers clicking the "Followers" link on your own profile. Is this a bug or a feature for privacy? 🤔

Thanks for all your hard work 😊 I had a bit of trouble viewing stories on Firefox for iOS so I logged a bug:

@pixelfed @NGIZero Is v2.0 already available??? Mine is still v1.0.0.

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