We're redesigning profiles and want your feedback! Let us know what you think about this design and how we can improve it.

Boosts + feedback are greatly appreciated, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, and we are forever grateful for people like you! ❤️

@pixelfed the thing to remember is innovation not imitation, it could work better with a less cluttered interface, and a circular profile picture and leave it at that.

@pixelfed it looks better than the current version. Congrats! I would like to see how stories will be displayed, though.
And I also prefer circular profile pics but that is a matter of taste.

@pixelfed I'd like the ability to open a post from the home-feed by clicking on it, and not just via it's menu or timestamp links.
Also, once in an open post, I'd like to be able to swipe left/right to cycle to other posts by that user.

@pixelfed looks neat :) keep pushing further, I believe the next movement in UX/UI will happen from the libre community and you're on the right direction to make it!

@pixelfed I would prefer something like the Flickr's photostream page (see screenshot), where you can see the entire photo, not a square cropped version of it.
I would also like to have an option to show photos instead of posts.

@madcap +1000. The square cropping ruins most photos, as they are not squared/1:1 ratio, and the subject is not necessarily, and not that often, in the middle…

Imitating instacrap interface doesn't make sense. It used to be a "polaroid-clone" photo-taking app, which produces 1:1 ration photos natively to imitate Polaroid. So it displays photos in a squared format… But most cameras (either "real ones" or phones, have a rectangle sensors and produce rectangular photos)


@pixelfed overall I think it's pretty, but it could use some more distinction between the profile picture and the other pictures. It looks a little like one of other pictures got misplaced :) Great, It's much better than before 👍 but the problem remains the square format on PC, it's a nonsense and it's really ugly, I hate the square format which cuts the pictures, it totally breaks the reading of the pictures.

On mobile phone it is also possible to do much better,
MySplash is the example.

@pixelfed Looks good, what (in my case, using web app in mobile browser) really feels missing is that one view that allows to easier see images and their descriptions without having to tap on each image, read, return, tap next image, ... . IG, here, has this mode that displays an image full-width, with description, tags, comments, comment form, "heart" right below. Really missing this view in pixelfed at the moment.

@pixelfed I like that 's UI remains quite modern and that it looks less like without looking completely different from it.

I would seperate the profile picture a bit more or make it smaller because it seems like a regular post that was just displaced.

Also, I'd like to be able to scroll through the pictures in full size (just like in the timeline), especially on mobile. Maybe there should be a settings checkbox to show either a cropped square or the full proportions of the image?
I had a bigger issue with not knowing someone commented on my photo. I discovered it by accident.

@pixelfed I like the new desktop design.

For the mobile design, while it still looks Instagramy for me, I think there's no need to change it much currently (as shown in the screengrab). Sometimes what works is best retained especially when it comes to mobile layouts.

But yeah, that new desktop layout is awesome!

@pixelfed The design is decently good, and definitely an improvement.

Few suggestions :
- Masonry grid layout.
- Overwhelming with a lot of boxes.

Not sure ?
I am right-handed, and unknowingly i feel comfortable looking at the left side of my screen for longer times rather than to the right side.

Allowing me to select which side i see the profile details would be nice. And i am not sure about it, It might be just me.

@pixelfed doesn't seem to be a lot of contrast between the bio and the background. Kinda hurts the #legibility.
Same with the pronouns prefix. Also, is that prefix in a smaller font size? If so, why?

@pixelfed Looks better, more appealing to the eyes :blobthumbsup:

@pixelfed that has been said in the replies, and several other times, but for me the main issue is the forced square aspect ratio.

The second main (but way less critical) issue would be the small display size of the pictures (on relatively big screens).

I'll elaborate on that first point:


Square format can be nice for some pictures, other ratio are cool too, I'm not debating which one is better (none of them is, it's a matter personal preferences, blabla bla) but imposing any of them is a problem for all others…


Even if we can publish non-squared images, having to display them as squared at some point mostly ruins them 😔, and ruins the whole ability to publish non-squared images.
And even more when: 1) this is where and when people first encounter them (first impression matters a lot) 2) this is the only "gallery" view where you can visualise all photos from somebody account, as a whole.


That issue applies to mostly all non 1:1 images, but is way worse in one particular case: panoramic pictures.

As a counter example, for instance the masonry effect that is (was…) included in MomentUI does pretty well the job.
I (came and) stayed on Pixelfed almost only for that feature, despite all the design flaws that make it very often frustrating/painful to use.


On a broader and more… philosophical (?) point of view, I'm having trouble with the idea of using free software and suddenly realizing that I'm actually as (or more) constrained in my "freedom to share photos" as in let's say Instagram or other GAFAM silo, on something as fundamental as "having to crop everything to 1:1".


That wouldn't be so much of an issue if the software was designed *and* presented that way : that would be a big flaw in my opinion, personally I would be strongly against that design choice, and that would mean PF would never be fitted for me, but that could be an assumed design choice, then no problem. (But I don't have the feeling that was a design choice you made, am I wrong ?)


One side note on that "MetroUI/MomentUI" debate : as an author/publisher, having the ability to choose how I want people to discover my content "by default" is cool. I mean, being able to give them "masonry grid view" or "squared grid view".



But as a person watching other people content, I would really love to have the ability to choose to switch on the fly between one UI/picture organisation to another (and maybe enforce one by default ?). Depending on the profile's pictures, the screen you're using and so on, both have their pros&cons.



Once that first issue is fixed, there is still plenty to say, but that would be a game changer.
On the other side, to me removing MomentUI or such kind of nice non-square format UI would end in a no-go and uninstalling PF.

(I hope that did not sound too harsh, I tried to be honest about it 😅)


PS: I'm using Pixelfed 95% of the time on a desktop computer. That might partly explain why I dislike that forced squared grid, yet that doesn't mean I like it when watching from my phone (it's even worse to be forced to see the picture in a smaller size because the format is not adapted to a phone screen).

looks good!
i feel like the whole ui could benefit from some slightly nicer icons. nothing against fontawesome, but i think they look out of place in the current ui.

@pixelfed As someone who doesn't have a Pixelfed account, and has just been lurking, I'd say this is a lot better.

@pixelfed And will it finally show the number of likes when you visit your own profile? Over the last year I havn't seen this fixed. holds an older version so maybe it was fixed already?

@pixelfed I love the feel of the redesign! Slight critique: the font color in the bio is a bit light against the white, and could be a bit bolder to help with accessibility :D Great work!

@pixelfed Hi, it would be great if this could work with @keyoxide to provide proof of ownership of an account, as is currently possible with Mastodon.
The profile provides proof of ownership of a key, and the key provides proof of ownership of other profiles. In this way a Pixelfed profile and a Mastodon profile can prove themselves to be the same person through a common key.
Better still, can the proof be implemented directly from Pixelfed<->Mastodon?

@pixelfed looks good, I'm going to look into setting up an account now!

I've seen a few calls for allowing users to change the way in which images are displayed, which ratios to use etc.

I'd say this will probably be an impedance for creators who decide to start producing work for pixelfed in the same way they might for Instagram.

Having a guarantee about how your work will be displayed to others allows you to make informed choices about composition, sequencing, etc. This is the reason design for print is often much more exciting than the web. The interplay between these things are the building blocks of semiotic meaning and changing them after the fact is not improving user experience.

@pixelfed I don't want to sound too harsh, but it looks quite old-fashioned, like it was designed in the early 2000s. I really like the look of the profiles in EyeEm:

@mgrzeca that's a pretty great exemple of a website made for picture sharing : ~100% of the content is pictures, and that's it.
On @pixelfed pictures takes so few space and hierarchial importance, it's almost secondary content :(

@Lapineige @pixelfed I have the impression that the Pixelfed UI was initially meant to be an Instagram clone, with all the consequences of this choice. Instagram's UI is crap, all the other platforms do better, but people don't use Instagram because of the UI / UX quality but because of the user base and the quality of the content. While Instagram was originally a simple photo-sharing app, mindlessly copying the features of other social networks turned it into a nightmare incoherent monstrosity.

@Lapineige @pixelfed I understand it, Instagram is big business and big money, these were business decisions to keep users from switching to Snapchat and TikTok. But I don't understand many of the decisions related to Pixelfed's development. Looks like @dansup wants Pixelfed to become a general-purpose social network like Facebook.

Get a better haircut.

(well, you asked for feedback, didn't you ?)

@pixelfed I like it better than the previous one. The interactive elements are more separated and larger. Visually it is coherent and seems much more comfortable to use.

@pixelfed I should reuse pixelfed. I stop using it when I loose my account. the instance simply stopt

i am into the squares tbs but i do not really like the web format because i like it when the user info disappears when you scroll down.

or there could be the option to choose whether or not your own page displays photos in square or not

@pixelfed how will you display thumbnails for posts with multiple images?

At the moment, they have a large “image gallery” icon in the corner of the thumbnail. I find the icon looks quite large and dominating on mobile compared to the other UI elements on the page and would love to see it made smaller.

I prefer circular profile photos, and I also like the square grid. It’s neatly aligned, works well on mobile, and most importantly, it gives equal weight to each photo.

@pixelfed it all depends on who Pixelfed is for really. For instance, I know lots of people who have recently quit Instagram because they’re fed up of how it makes them feel. They’re likely to enjoy using Pixelfed if it looks and works similar to Instagram what they’re used to but doesn’t use a manipulative content algorithms. (They’re also likely to expect to access it via a mobile app)

Meanwhile, it sounds like some photographers on this thread prefer a masonry view.

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