Hello Metro 2.0! 🎉

Our new design is now available in beta! You can try it on supported instances like

looks nice, if only we could have the old issue fixed :-) Congrats on the new look

I still do not see how many likes there are on each photo :-) (Yes, I submitted this issue twice already


To be honest, I really think that #Pixelfed developers should look for a more balanced equilibrium between implementing new features and fixing pretty big bugs

@Tommi 🤯

I do understand new insights make things work like this. It was fixed some 2 years ago if I remember correctly but there was a choise to not show it to visitors. I explained that I do not care about visitors who see them or not but I would like to see it myself without browsing every single phote. 7 months ago it was promissed to get fixed :-)

And no, this is not about nagging but about improvid the UX

@pixelfed This new design is fucking cool!!! Congrats !

@pixelfed Not sure why you switched. There was nothing wrong with the old UI. Now we gotta get used to something new. Don't add features for the sake of it.

@pixelfed Just in case anyone would accidentally click on "Go back to previous design"... how would one switch back to metro 2.0?
Not that I ever would by accident click on a button without reading what it does... :blobfacepalm:

@pixelfed I've updated Pixey with the latest code, how does one enable this? :blobcatgiggle::pixelfed:

@pixelfed Thank you! :cat_hug_triangle:​ I knew it was a var only didn't know what one! :blobcatgiggle::pixelfed:

@pixelfed @stux ah... the redeploy was it.

But the notification-error "profile_id is null not allowed" on posting an image still exists.

@pixelfed I prefer the old UI after all. The old one looks like a photo sharing site. Timelines look like photo streams with some info/navigation elements attached. UI allows you to focus on the photos. This is a purpose-oriented design. The new one looks like a soapbox-fe clone, like a general purpose social network where photos are just little attachments, extras to other content. Compare the attached screenshots, you can hardly see this photo in the new UI.

@pixelfed for the mobile version it's not that bad, but I still prefer the old one. I don't like the heavy ornamentation of widgets in the new one. The UI feels heavy, cluttered, and leaves less room for the essential content - photos.

@pixelfed wait… why is it called like the Microsoft design language? it doesn't look a lot like Windows 8 if you ask me

@pixelfed This UI update is nice but posts in feed look like they are from a Facebook-like app and don't fit Pixelfed's concept. That should be updated to look more like the old UI with polishes in my opinion.

@pixelfed I've got a couple complaints, specifically for mobile

So many links lead back to the non-2.0 UI, it's practically a land mine
I have to use it in the browser because the PWA shows the 1.0 UI
Notifications at the bottom completely disappear
The top nav bar is wayyy too big

Looks cool but very unfinished. As expected of a beta, ig

This does show the number of likes but I need to at least open one picture so the six beneath them do show the number of likes.

See the 2nd picture. I need to click on it to see it has 6 people liking it

@pixelfed where do we lodge feedback? If here, then:
- the pale grey against white is barely legible, and looks as though all the options are disabled, it wasn't until I clicked on "Create New" that I realised it worked
- viewing a single image is hard work, rather than just click on it, you have to find the three dots, click, find "View Post" and select it.
- the individual image view (eg no longer shows the date or time an image was posted, just the baby-fied "2d ago"

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