We have no plans to add an NFT feature like some other "photo sharing" platforms.

We don't have anything against cryptocurrency, we prefer to stick to our photo sharing roots.

@pixelfed adding ntf’s aren’t a bad idea if implemented well. this will be the first and last time i say something remotely good about them though 🤣

@pixelfed Good idea ! are the biggest scam of the century, the best money laundry method and has the worst polluting/usefulness ratio.

@pixelfed Glad to hear it, because I have a LOT against blorpcoin-y garbage and would be annoyed, at best, to see it become part of PF's fabric.

@pixelfed Question that has nothing to do with NFTs, but are you planning to add Dark Mode on PixelFed? Dark mode is healthier and less straining for our eyes + it looks cool.

@pixelfed not much to add, except for: we *do* despise the scam that is called "cryptocurrency" on all levels 😄

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