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@pixelfed How are you handling discovery? Also, any chance of a mobile app?

@pixelfed @dansup so many years of pixelfed but still no decent smartphone app. So it's still not an alternative to Instagram and the like.

There is for Android, but I recall there was a beta rel;ease being tested a good month or two back from iOS, but no updates for a while about that. Once the iOS app gets released it will certainly be a full contender as an alternative to Instagram.

@pixelfed I didn't know that Pixelfed had stories. Interesting :blobfoxthink:

@pixelfed How can I actually register?'s registrations page leads to a 419 Page Expired error every time.

@UncleJosh @pixelfed You can try another Pixelfed instance. The biggest one isn't always the best choice.

@umrath @pixelfed at the moment progressive web app is the best client

@umrath @pixelfed then your favourite mastodon client will do too. I use tusky myself. All features are available, only the interface isnt instagram like. Join

May I ask, why webapp is a no go, for you?

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