Introducing - a bespoke guide to the fediverse!

Some highlights include

⚡ People Directory - opt-in directory of people based on topics

⚡ Projects list

⚡ Mobile Apps list

We're working to improve our FAQ section and add additional projects!

@pixelfed Great to see that your passion for the fediverse keeps growing!! Thanks for another amaizing tool 🥳

@pixelfed Awesome! Nice job!

Also, you might want to consider making it work without JavaScipt. It would make it a whole lot more accessible to folks who can't use JS for some reason or another.

The information there is very incomplete and thus misleading. Mastodon centred. Therefore not very helpful.
@pixelfed Doesn't seem to work for pleroma instances. But cool initiative! :)

@setto It should work with pleroma, you have to add the hashtag to your bio before submitting!

@setto @basspistol It worked by adding `https ://` (without the space) !

aha!! amazing!! \o/ thank you very much for your kind assistance! I'll need to try that version of the URL in places where I've had similar problems! 💜


People search here along with instructions how to add yourself to the directory

@pixelfed what a wonderful new addition to the that will benefit us all to find our ways around!

A beautiful design, like all the projects @dansup is involved in. This shows the love and dedication to expand that we are collectively shaping. Thank you so much, Daniel! 😍

@pixelfed @hbenjamin

It seems there is no way to contribute to this website. The are many iOS clients that are missing from their list (esp. "toot!"), there is no way to contact the people behind it to suggest improvement or report issues. There is no About page either.

Do you know how the people behind it can be contacted?

@hbenjamin @pixelfed @dansup

Thanks for the suggestion. At least it is not among his GitHub repos. Perhaps he might answer to this thread after your mention 👍🏼

@pixelfed I'm trying to sign up to the directory but can't figure out my savings address... What am I doing wrong? @yair

@mux2000 @yair It would be `https ://` (without the space)

@pixelfed @yair cool that worked. My mistake was adhering too closely to the example given 😁

@mux2000 @pixelfed @yair
IMHO it would be better UX to accept the @user@server format as well, as most people use this format when referring to themselves.

I've looked at the front page, this looks very nice, but already on the frontpage there are a couple of things that don't feel that right

it starts with a YT video, like there are no good introductive videos to the fediverse on Peertube?
Mastodon has "blogs"? The "micro" in "microblogging" is important
"a full table with every project" is pretty much impossible

@pixelfed nice initiative, thanks!
Any way we can contribute to the code?

In the meantime, a couple of remarks:
- the contrast on the website is quite low, which may be an issue for accessibility (check e.g. with
- even though the directory comes from users, don't you need some kind of official disclaimer regarding the data stored? (I don't personally mind, I think explanations are clear, I'm just wondering for you, from a legal perspective)

Kkeep up the good work! :)

@pixelfed This looks amazing! If you're thinking of translating it, I'd be glad to help.

@pixelfed typo on the “explore people” page (acccount with 3 c). How can the community contribute to the site overall? Could do with an “about” section to explain who is behind it / how to report issues :-)

@pixelfed related: do I need to keep on my bio after submitting the request to the directory, or can I remove it afterwards?

@andypiper You will need to keep it, from the FAQ section on the page: "Your account will be removed automatically (after 7 days) if your bio no longer contains the hashtag."

@pixelfed I'd like to share this around but it looks too mastodon-centric and it may send the wrong message around that the whole fediverse is just Mastodon.

@satoshi Thanks for the feedback, in your opinion, what can we do to reduce the mastodon-centric nature?

@pixelfed @ademan I'm particularly talking about stuff like this. It kind of sends the wrong message that Mastodon has been around since 2008, for example, being a very recent project in terms of fediverse lifetime.

My opinion is that people that comes from other parts from the internet cares less about the nature of the servers (being pleroma, mastodon, misskey, etc). And they just want good entry points to the fediverse.

I would point out that there are "4 main fediverse server types (mastodon, pleroma, misskey and pixelfed)" and then share three or four featured instances of each flavor where people can start off their fedi experience.

It certainly gives the wrong impression, even if it’s technically correct.

I agree 1000% on the second two paragraphs, a landing page needs to focus on the call to action not “boring” (to the newbie) details.

I also don’t want to be overly negative, it’s meant as constructive criticism. Thank you to @pixelfed for starting the work on this.


Yeah of course it's a very good and useful project nonetheless and we thank @pixelfed for taking the effort of putting it together of course.

The thing about the fediverse is that is full of diversity, so mainly showcasing one side of it kind of waters it down, and of course i am aware that making it as simple as possible for newcomers is important, but at the same time i think each server gives them a different enough experience to make it worth to people to consider them.

What i would do (not saying you should do it like this, just my idea) is something like this, put the main four servers, three featured servers (i don't even care if you put moderation-heavy servers) and then a link to know more about that kind of server if they want.

But otherwise i agree, a very good effort.

I could go either way on it, I’ve seen people make the argument that it’s one continuous network that has evolved over time.

If IP was incrementally changed to eventually be incompatible with original IP I think we could fairly still call it the internet.

@satoshi @ademan Great points! I've hidden those two sections for now and will overhaul the landing page after work. Thanks again for your feedback! also, is this site open source? Id love to contribute to help flesh it out

@pixelfed hey! You could include the @Castopod, the podcasting plataform :blobcat:

Any chance folks could just use toot:discoverable in their profile (in addition to and/or instead of the #fedi22 hashtag)? Let's try and save hashtags for actual interests and not visibility management and bot allowance and web trackers/hoovers and whatnot. It's just litter and clutter for humans trying to search profiles. Besides, speaking from experience; #fedi22 will seem awfully short-sighted and ridiculous 5-6 years from now.

@mike That's a great idea, I'll look into that. Ideally we'll fallback to if that isn't supported!

@pixelfed is this supposed to work with friendica instances? I get server error with both, @ (without space) and

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

If an Agora hears about a [[wikilink]] or #hashtag, it will try to resolve them for you and link your resources in the [[nodes]] or #nodes you mention.

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