We made for you, the .

This represents more than just Pixelfed, and we recognize how important it is to remain unbiased and not use this to further our own project.

Our long term goal for is to turn it over to a reputable, non-profit organization if possible!

Your feedback is invaluable and has helped shape the project thus far, let us know what you think about this!

@pixelfed What is the main difference between this and

@jason123santa @pixelfed has a lot more data, and is generally more useful. This is meant to compliment resources like with features like the People Directory

@dansup @pixelfed @jason123santa has a lot more data

In this regard, isn't there a way to just take the data from there? In other words, aren't there public databases of fediverse apps and clients that can just be shared between such sites? Like database version of the fediverse-related delightful lists.
cc @humanetech

@liwott @pixelfed @humanetech @jason123santa Yes there is more data on other sites, I also run that lists all known projects.

It's intentional, I wanted to curate the projects so we're not suggesting ones that are not production ready.

I added links to and other sites in the footer too

@liwott @pixelfed @jason123santa

In addition to what @dansup mentioned, the intention of lists at is to list projects from their earliest inception, to well after they are 'dead'. The idea being that the code is always delightful and may inspire other devs in their own projects, or to start new ones.

@pixelfed @humanetech @dansup
Thank you both for the clarifications ! (and sorry @lightone for only mentioning @humanetech, this was due to not finding your fedi account on codeberg)

I understand why it is not exactly the same sites that appear on those lists. (Maybe it is not that approriate that mentions "We're working on a full table with every project" though.)

There is still the fact that the mantainers of each such list has to separately fetch information on each software, instead of sharing a common (collaborative) DB. This would not prevent one to only show a subset of the information on a given site.

@jason123santa @pixelfed

IMHO I believe it would be so much better and actually useful if all features of websites like and were joined together in one unique website. Since AFAIK all of those websites are open source, anyone could contribute and add to the most celebrated website the feature they would be building a whole new website for, without needing to actually create it from scratch. This would also avoid having different endpoints to update with the features, the development status, etc. of #ActivityPub #platforms.

@dansup don’t you think that #Fediverse related website are becoming too many and confusing instead of useful for newcomers?

#fedi22 #meta

@tommi @jason123santa @pixelfed While I understand where you are coming from, it's sort of ironic that you want a centralized resource for a decentralized network.

The fact that there is so many different fediverse websites is important and a good thing, can you imagine if there was only one?

@tommi Most things here are run by volunteers. It does make sense to centralize some general information about it all. But, unlike Wikipedia, we can't realistically guarantee that any site will always be stable for years to come. We don't have the resources needed to provide such guarantees. For example, was lucky to be revived by a new maintainer, but went down forever. By duplicating information the community makes sure everything won't disappear at once.

@lightone I understand, but my argument is to unite in one common great forkable dataset all of the info and the codebase, then of course the website could be moved, change ownership and maintainer.

My point is: if I pose myself the question “I need all of the most up to date and comprehensive data and information, where do I go?”

I do not have a unique answer… I should have, though.

Maybe @humanetech has the answer.

@tommi @lightone

A solution to this can be to have fediverse apps aimed at knowledge aggregation. You'd have publishers of information, aggregators that are federated, and subscribers that consume the info for whatever purpose. It'll be an open ecosystem where anyone can be publisher or subscriber, and anyone can spin up aggregators. The information published could match pre-defined templates, and be rich linked data, allowing a lot of flexibility to federate and retrieve the interesting bits.

@tommi @lightone

There are numerous specialized use cases that match this general mechanism.

@pixelfed Oh what a great idea. Is there anyone I could contact to help with the copy on that site?

@chartier We're still working a few things out, ideally we'll be able to accept contributions within the next week or two!

Translations, accessibility and offline support are high on our todo list as well!

Being able to contribute changes like a wiki would be really neat

@pixelfed I'd be happy to help. Please keep me on your list, or rolodex, or sticky note on the side of your display.

@pixelfed @chartier I’d be more than happy to help with translation to Portuguese and Spanish. :rainbowdance:

@pixelfed I am a Podcaster and spoke in some german audio books. I would love to narrate a german version of your video! (how) would that be possible?

@mauricerenck @pixelfed

Yes it is. This video is under CC-BY-SA licence so you can download it and make all the changes you want.

@Framasoft @pixelfed @mauricerenck That's great. Can we access the source files, if that makes it easier to edit or develop the video?

@Framasoft @miguel @pixelfed @mauricerenck
The source files will be published, as we did for the previous video ("What is Peertube?"). Just wait a bit everyone, as we are struggling under a lot of work (even though very low funding! I wish lot of work meant lot of funding…). 😅

@Framasoft @pixelfed cool :) but for translating it, a Version without voiceover would be needed

@pixelfed is a great idea. I was willing to share around me and contribute to projects of the like.
As a first contribution, have you considered including Friendica? It's one of the major softwares/networks and I find it is missing.

@pixelfed The people directory is great to find people with similar interests. Thanks for that!

I just realized, that i had a typo in one of my hashtags. Do listings get updated on a regular basis or is the typo in the directory forever now?

@pixelfed Sorry, ignore my question regarding updates to the directory, it's right there in the FAQ: your profile gets re-crawled after 7 days (i assume every 7 days, as interests can change over time).

@pixelfed Thank you! Have learned of a few new tools today because of it, and am seriously considering starting my own instance specifically to bring them all into one location for me. Very much appreciated!

@pixelfed I disagree with your usage of a "nsfw" hashtag. This hashtag is pretty much always irrelevant.

Something being "NSFW" is totally subjective to the viewer and its culture. Is the thing tagged NSFW really unsafe sex-workers? I think not.

We should encourage usage of objective, culture-neutral, hashtags, like "nudity", "sexual organ depiction", "pornography", "woodworking without gloves", "bike-delivery without helmet" (those are NSFW...), "violence", "slur", etc.

I just get a blank blue page, I suspect it's not made for lightweight WebKit browsers...

@pixelfed I read this post on my Friendica instance, but I also couldn't help to notice that Friendica is not listed on there anywhere, which is a shame. Running instances of both Pleroma and Friendica, and having active accounts on several of the other services (like Pixelfed, Lemmy etc) I'd say Friendica ticks a few boxes no other Fediverse service can.

@pixelfed hi there. I tried to add myself to the directory but foiled by “Problem reaching acccount server“ if I use and “Invalid response from remote instance” if I use @del

Any ideas?

@pixelfed many thanks! 🙏 Are there any plans to fix the PWA icon? It has white on the inside and black on the outside

@pixelfed Would it make sense for your table to have a category for non-micro blogging (ie, "regular blogging"?) Hometown supports that (I think?) and Pleroma (I think??).

Also, you rate peertube and mastodon as both being able to host videos, but doesn't mastodon have notably different size limits?

@mcc @pixelfed yeah Pleroma has both rich text and very easy config options for longer posts (I have my instance set to 5000 chars, could go higher but I don't want to encourage myself to use my normal homepage blog even less!) so definitely has flexibility into normal blogging, depending perhaps a bit on what parts of blogging one considers key.

@pixelfed How about a way to federate content contributions?

@pixelfed There’s also copy on the site which refers to toots, which is a mastodon specific term. Post would be a better term, especially since not all fediverse posts are even compatible with mastodon

@dansup kudos for launching this project! The information is well-laid-out and easy to find. Love the directory idea too! Would love to be able to add myself with a status hashtag, rather than needing to keep it in my bio.

@dansup Great work all around 🙌🏻 If you ever need help, I'd be happy to lend a hand!

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