@pixelfed As we see the federation connection between #Plermoa and #Pixelfed ist much better now. One thing: From my Pixelfed account, when I follow a Pleroma user, the avatar is still missing. Is there already a bug report?

@Hiker Glad to hear! We will investigate the missing avatar bug!

@pixelfed It isn't only the avatar - the information about the remote account isn't complete - the mubers (follower, following) are missing.

And the same problem seems to be with #Misskey, too.

@Hiker The follower/following counts are based on local accounts they follow or are followed by.

We'll fix this to include the full count in our next release!

@Hiker @pixelfed bei mir klappt das immer noch nicht richtig mit dem Folgen von Pixelfed-accounts aus Pleroma. Hab das gerade mal wieder probiert und es kommt immer noch dieses dauerhafte “Folgeanfrage gesendet”. Hat Deine Instanz bereits die neuste Version? Dachte das Problem sei behoben. Oder ein Problem auf meiner Pleromaseite?

@wolf Das Problem liegt/lag offenbar bei Pixelfed und dafür gab es einen Fix, der offenbar in pixelfed.social eingespielt wurde. Auf welcher Pixelfed Instanz versuchst du es? @pixelfed

@Hiker @pixelfed Hans bei Deinen Account bei Pixelfed.social probiert (siehe Screenshot aus Husky)

@Hiker hab auch mal ein Update gemacht (auch wenn ich damit nur auf 2.4.3 lande). Wie dem auch sei, jetzt scheint es auch bei mir endlich zu funktionieren.

Thanks for the Update @pixelfed!

@pixelfed just updated mine. Trying things around I don't know if like is working, when pressing the like icon it does what you see in this short video

@pixelfed seems a metro ui issue because old ui works fine.
By the way, it's iOS/Safari.

@spla Looks like you didn't run the post-deployment commands.

Try restarting your server and see if this still occurs, let us know!

@pixelfed followed Update instructions and after those commands I did restart php-fpm and supervisor.

@pixelfed just checked Horizon, it only show LikePipeline completed job when using old ui.
If I use Metro ui, LikePipeline job does not appear at all in Horizon so seems that pressing the like icon does nothing.

@spla Run `php artisan cache:clear` and see if that resolves this problem

@spla Something is not right, did you restart php after updating?

I can't reproduce this on pixelfed.social, piconic.co, or locally. Restarting your server should resolve this, if not let us know!

@pixelfed yes, restarted php-fpm and supervisor...
I will check the logs, maybe I can see something, but I'm not sure where to look heh

@spla The browser console is a good place to start, the error message and http status code will help us diagnose!

@pixelfed tried Safari iOS, Safari Monterey and Firefox Monterey, same behaviour when using Metro UI.

@pixelfed here is the browser console error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()


@spla Without more context like diagnostics or console logs we cannot diagnose this issue.

As we mentioned before, this issue is not occurring on at least 2 updated production instances so it's likely a configuration/system issue.

Feel free to DM more context, we will get this figured out!

@pixelfed ok, I will investigate system logs... thank you again

@pixelfed A big thank you to everyone involved making Pixelfed even more better! Keep up the good work 👏

@pixelfed Tried the ldap feature. Setup went trough successful. (Screenshot)
But ldap users cant log in. How can I debug this better to find the reason? Logfile is not that helpful.

@pixelfed there's a lot of improvements in that changelog! Congrats on the release!

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