Is there any interest in an official Pixelfed hosting service?

Pay as low as $5/month for your own instance with an export feature to easily migrate your data to your own server down the road if you choose.

This could help fund development and our other initiatives like!

@pixelfed Would immediately go for that, but at the moment I'm still missing a working mobile app (including support for locations, stories, ...) to really use it much. At the moment, Mastodon still seems not worse for image sharing, and federation makes the actual service less relevant too.

@z428 We're working on the mobile app!

In regards to federation support, if you have problems it's likely configuration related.

You can test this on, everything works as expected!

@pixelfed Really? I'd love to pay for this too. I am unable to use any apps on iOS to login on Please do let us know when we can and would be happy to check it out then.

@pixelfed a mobile app would have a tremendous boost to #pixelfed’s adoption in my opinion. Imagine if #Mastodon didn’t have official mobile apps when the recent Twitter news broke, do you think we would have seen such a surge in Mastodon users? I highly doubt it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. Just get a v1 out to build momentum and iterate from there.

As always, thank you so much for all the work you’re doing for the Fediverse!


@ilyess Agreed! All I need is an app that allows me to login and post to begin with. As a photo sharing service, it is hard to think of a web browser only workflow. I’ve tried logging onto all possible third party clients on iOS for and haven’t been able to. @pixelfed

@pixelfed @5uie1 @ilyess
It is possible with the #iOS app #metatext.
Just tested it.
I have one #pixelfed account and one #mastodon account in that app and postet on pixelfed and boosted on mastodon as you can see here:

@pixelfed @ilyess @dgr That is good, I only get an error 403 for Here are the details: This doesn’t happen on or Any tips?

#pixelfed #ios #mastadon

@pixelfed @5uie1 @ilyess No, i‘m afraid not. Just using this app. Sorry.

@dgr @pixelfed @ilyess No problem, I’ve been trying a lot. It seems like I’m stuck without #pixelfed for a while then.

@ilyess @pixelfed @5uie1 from previews waves of new users to fediverse. Wedid have some quite lzrge waves comming to and other #gnusocial indtances in the past with no official app. We did have in fact some apps like twidere, Andstatus, and mustard.

@pixelfed I would definitely consider that yes. Can’t wait for the app too that will make a huge difference.

@pixelfed While I wouldn't use it myself (yet?), I'd really appreciate some commercial service helping to fund Pixelfed!

@pixelfed I've been planning on spinning up my own Pixelfed instance, but I've been holding off due to time constraints with other projects.

I'd 100% consider paying for a hosted instance to play with in the meantime.

@pixelfed would. I'm going to host my own instance soon... so as long as it's stable and supported to build a user base in my region. I'm happy to pay

@pixelfed Not for me. I try to avoid subscriptions if at all possible. To support open source I tend to make one-off donations when I can (and the donation process is easy)

@pixelfed i think a payed instance would be more efficient. or instance hosting for groups. single-user instances are a waste of ressources in my opinion

@pixelfed I'd love to be able to pay for a hosted Pixelfed that somehow uses the same accounts as my Mastodon instance. I'd like to offer Pixelfed as a benefit of being on my Mastodon instance but I don't want to admin two separate accounts for each person.

@pixelfed Would things like max image or video size and max collection size be configurable?

@pixelfed If you offered it, I'd migrate from Digital Ocean very quickly.

@pixelfed I would sign up instantly depending on what the $5 plan provides. Otherwise I'll run my own instance if it's a large gap.

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