✨ Sneak peek of our new website that will roll out along side our mobile apps!

It's so pretty! 👀

I can't wait to try out the app.
And the new website!


@pixelfed Bro, you don't know how exited I am just can't wait to use the new website and app 😎

@didek Good eye! We're prioritizing the App Store and Play Store for now as those are the most popular, it's quite a process to submit an app to these places. We look forward to supporting F-Droid in the future!

@pixelfed or at least link to apk file with checksum to verify, many android guys don't use Google Play Store


@arek @pixelfed

Yes, for now it even can be a link to GitHub releases page or something.
But I hope F-Droid version would come.

@pixelfed well, if you already have an APK for the toy shop, and it's not too fat – don't forget that my repo lies on the way to F-Droid, so it brings you forward to that goal 😉 @didek

@IzzyOnDroid @pixelfed

Yes, I use your repo, thank you for it 😄.

But I always want and prefer for an app to be in the main repo, since it is better for the ecosystem of free apps.

@didek sure, and thanks to you as well! I was rather addressing @pixelfed that, on their way to the main repo, mine can be used as "stepping stone". Hundreds of apps already have done so. And more to come, hopefully!

Looks so neat. So excited! Isn't it missing the f-droid button?

@pixelfed definitely like that the switch becomes a moon on dark mode! Neat detail!

@pixelfed this amazing looking website pretty soon be see him irl

@pixelfed love you guys, finally an alternative to Instagram is about to launch very very soon 🤩👍👍

Looks soooo freaking awesome 👏 😍😍

Thanks for all your incredible work ✌️

@pixelfed Niiiice, PixelFed looks pretty amazing. I've gotta give the app a go, if it's intuitive and nice I'll recommend it to friends 😀😀😀

@pixelfed amazing job so far! The website will have a darkmode, but the app won't? It will it follow later?

@pixelfed @dansup , how do people signup for beta testing ? iOS and android? Not able to find any means for this.

@pixelfed had issues with my previous phone, maybe because you chose a higher sdk but with the new phone, the app is sexy!

@pixelfed not distinguishable from other modern apps or platforms. well done

I'm always excited when i see "open source" somewhere, but i check for a "Pricing" page, to see if it's a community project or commercial one.

I guess you could have a Donate or Funding page, with information about the funding and options to contribute.

@pixelfed Do NOT have smartphone use flip phone to be secure. Can one use pixelfed on a p.c.?

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