We have updated the ComposeUI v4, cropping is now optional!

Secure your account with Two Factor Authentication, it only takes a few minutes to set up!

You may notice a new badge next to usernames.

This badge only appears next to admin users.

It is not a verified badge.

The new mobile web layout is live!

You can add Pixelfed to your home screen and use it like a native app on Android and iOS devices.

We're including an easter egg in v0.10.1 which we plan to release tomorrow!

We're prepping a major release!

New Features:

- ComposeUI v4 (beta)
- Location tagging
- Full Screen Preview
- Follow/Unfollow button on Timelines
- Improved MomentUI
- Mobile layout fixes
- ActivityPub bug fixes

and more!

See you on 😎

Tag posts with a location or discover posts from a location.

Places. Shipping soon!

Announcements, New Features and Tips will be displayed on timelines in the next release.

Admins will be able to set announcements that are displayed first.

You can now follow accounts from other Pixelfed instances! πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

We're making it easier to share your photos.

The redesigned ComposeUI will be released this week, we think you will like it.

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