Gonna zone out with some Biosphere playing, might play some Final Fantasy 6 if I'm not too tired. biosphere.bandcamp.com/album/t this album btw. It's pretty good!

Almost done with this bloke. Magnetised the guns so I can pick whichever one I like. Not sure how to pose his left arm yet. Base will have mud, barbed wire, and skulls. Haven't decided on a name yet. Something silly.

KISS has got to be one of the worst bands ever, but if you just remove Gene and Paul from two or three songs on their Revenge album from the early 90s, and squint hard, you might mistake it for Danzig. Needs more ride cymbal and more sweat, of course, but it's not too far off.

Reporting spam bots like a boss. I really should find something else to do with my Sunday.

Three log files ate up over 90 gigabytes of my install. Excellent programming.

27 november
Jag är snart klar med min handskrivna website, som kommer att rulla sida vid sida med denna senare, och eventuellt ersätta den helt. Det mesta är på plats, jag behöver bara förbereda för att kunna hantera en jävla massa sidor (jag har många projekt på gång) och kanske också gå igenom formgivningen en gång till. Det blir monokromt och fint, men känns kanske lite opolerat just nu.

In the final stretch of finishing my website. Blog and stuff is ready to go. Gonna figure out a good structure for some of the project pages (lots of 'em) and maybe a final design pass. It's very monochrome at the moment, which I like, but/and it looks a bit unpolished. As long as it's typographically correct I don't really GAF. Keep it simple, etc.

I don't know many people who own 3D printers, but those I do know have all opted to buy one of those filament printers, even though the resin printers are well within the same price range, and have superior capabilities for printing Warhammer and such, which is all my friends would like to do anyway. I don't understand why. To me it's like buying a kazoo when you want to play the guitar.

My kid, who loves Marmite, absolutely hated Bovril. I'm not sure I like it all that much myself, but I only have half a jar left, so might as well use it.

I think classical music is some of the most pretentious and boring bullshit ever conceived, and my kid's new favourite cartoon is some D*sney edutainment shit for white kids with, you guessed it, classical music all over the place. My ears are bleeding, and my brain is rotting.

My son keeps calling Pingu, "Mingus", and I'm fighting the urge to put this on for him youtube.com/watch?v=__OSyznVDO

You can't download this image

I wish I could load the website, seems the hardest challange.


In my early 40s I realised there is such a thing as drinking too much. Coffee, that is. I've had around six cups already today, and it's only half past two. Gonna break it up by having a cup of cardamom tea instead.

Have a bad cold, and my wife's going away for the weekend, leaving me with the kid and the dog. Two whole days down the shitter. Fuck.

Slowly working up the courage to move most of my Feedly shit to Fraidycat.

I want a new Thinkpad, but with the older model's keyboard. Damn.

Fidning a place to live in my city is not easy – the entire market has collapsed in my country – but at the moment I can still feel good about staying where I live now. Not in any particular hurry. Hoping to find a place I can live in for the rest of my life.

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The place was nice, the neighborhood is probably very nice during daytime. Gangs of masked teenagers hanging around the corner store at night – not so nice. Second floor is ok but not ideal, the apartment itself has horrible wallpaper everywhere but the kitchen, but that's easy to fix. The floors were fine, the floor plan very good imo.
No surprise that my wife hated it, but she'̈́s gonna go there and have a look during the day on Friday, to see if she might change her mind.

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