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Today I've watched about 8 hours of super-marionation shows. Is it an ultra-super-marionation-marathon? I also did some work on the website I'm making for S.P.U.D. (Special, Pretty, Ultimate Darling). I configured Elasticsearch indices settings to get the stemming how I like it. I used the Porter algorithm with a little bit of fuzziness--1 Levenshtein edit at 4 characters length, 2 edits at 5--or something.

Cycling was good today. I stayed with the group on the parkway, where the road is covered in potholes and there is usually a strong crosswind. You can't really form a double-file pace group, much less an echelon, because the road surface is so bad. So it can be really hard, even if you don't pull. My legs were too tired to keep up by the time we got to the hill. I rode the rest of the course with some other dropped riders & had a good time.

Scheming on a way to watch le Tour tonight, after I go out & do that shit for real on the streets.

These pine trees looked so scary at night when you're lost in the wilderness area. Too bad that big storm & tornado in June messed them up so much. I hope it's not as bad as it looks.

bout to watch columba do some sleuthing & solve this case.

I hope Alaphilipe just goes nuts on them, kinda like when someone taunts LeBron.

Can someone help me with Vue? I'm perplexed about props.

@pizza_pal My favorite racer was the dude with the house-arrest ankle braclet on. He kinda got fucked over because the field got really strung out on the first lap (I think there were also wrecks in the first corner) and he was wearing a fucking heavy-ass weight on one of his ankles. He made a good effort and he was a cool guy. I hope the government stops fucking with him; screw the so-called law.

@pizza_pal The most interesting races were the men 4/5 and the women pro/1/2/3

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If the Healthcare Debate in the USA was taking place on a bug tracker for software development it would be Progressives continually trying to re-open an extremely active bug people want dealt with that the Establishment Democrats keep closing as "WORKSFORME", saying "Not a forum"

My cats love each other so much! It's just really cute and special.

@pizza_pal And Kraftwerk, Cryptic Slaughter, and Joan Baez.

If this was myspace and I had to list my favorite bands, I would probably include the following: Cabaret Voltaire, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Celtic Frost, Poison Idea, The Clash, The Sisters of Mercy, Tupac, Black Flag, The Specials, and Arnold Schoenberg. Cool.

I say the new national anthem should be copland's appalachian spring and that judas priest song that goes united united we stand

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