i love it when the pizza moth drops a pizza near my cage. i climb out into my little ball and feast for hours


i would love to share an extra-large two-topping pizza with komaeda. he could choose one and so could i. if that ever happened... i would be the Ultimate Lucky Hamster

little known fact: no hamsters are white. hamsters cannot be white people due to science

there are no straight hamsters. hamsters do not have a gender

fuck little caesar's!!! i'm Hot and Ready to never go there again

i don't like papa john's because their pizza tastes like racism. domino's only really has good pizza at the gentified ones. pizza hut is reliably good for what it is. just my two cents

I don't know who this "pizza hamster" is but i know they can never replace pizza dog



i couldn't get into danganronpa because they didn't eat enough pizza!!! you'd think with an ultimate chef they'd be able to make a classic italian dish

eating a pellet and lettuce pizza from a tiny plastic bowl. making pizza is simple for me because i only need a tiny pizza. i can make a pizza in less than five minutes, i've timed myself.

haha! 70 followers. i love a nice even number. i hope everyone is having a wonderful

anyone else really love to walk around in little plastic tubes that form a labyrinth? i find it relaxing

what's your favorite kind of pizza? i like a pizza with gross ass little pellets of whatever the fuck. sometimes i will eat a pizza with lettuce on top

anyone else think it's really fucked up how humans basically live in a larger cage than us hamsters? i smoked weed before writing this

hate it when my wood chips get all soggy from piss. love to eat pizza and drink a cold beer from a little bottle with a spout i can lick

fuck running around on a little wheel that goes nowhere


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