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I'm hard FOMOing about switching permanently to bitcoinhackers instance. Seems like everyone is going there for maximum bitcoin maximalism experience 🤔

Bitcoin Mastodon probably now has more hourly users than all Ethereum dApps combined.

Let's see which chain will win: or its crypto "hard fork" Since I'm not a social platform maximalist, I have accounts on both.

> bitcoin dips
> it's payday and I have money to spend

I'm not even mad

@wiz @MrHodl I agree there shouldn't be any attempt at an "official" Bitcoin instance, but I do think there's a benefit to Bitcoin-focused instances, as the admins for those instances can tailor them to the userbase, e.g. quickly killing certain spam and scams that might propagate longer on more generalized instances.

List of people to get on mastodon from crypto Twitter:

And ofc @officialmcafee

Anyone else I missed?

The only thing I'll miss form that other account is probably the "bag of dicks" emoji :/

My mastodon home is kinda empty, where are all the "follow these people" toots that were so common on CryptoTwitter

I wonder who got the bitcoin name here on mastodon, hopefully it's not Roger


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