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Hi, I'm Pizza Squeeze and this is my . I got my online name from a brand of pizza sauce if you were wondering and I was born, like most people on this instance. I'm aro ace and my pronouns are he/him they/them. I like technology, web development, street art and pizza.

I hate how our society is so focused on romantic relationships but at the same time I kind of want to feel romantic attraction so I'm able to understand it

A person finds me attractive which is kind of surreal

Questions for alloromantic/allosexual people to consider 

Part of aro/ace erasure is that non- aro/ace people are often unaware of the ways in which society privileges and centers certain experiences of romance and sexual attraction and looks down on aro/ace people.

These questions are intended to help people think about those things and begin to understand how they affect us. I do not need replies answering them, they are for you to consider and answer for yourself, if you’d like

I'm going back to wishing I wasn't like this so that's great

I feel lost, confused and hated at the same time :(

I managed to install Windows 11 I guess I just needed to update VirtualBox

Does anyone know of an XMPP client that supports OMEMO, calling and is on Windows?

It also broke Google Chrome while I was working on a project but at least Google docs auto saves

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For some reason the taskbar on windows went all black for like 30 seconds

I was trying to install Windows 11 on VirtualBox but I was encountering errors so I guess I'll try to again once I have more time

Is it strange to want to get used to a specific pronoun even if it sounds a tiny bit off?

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