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Hi, I'm Pizza Squeeze and this is my . I got my online name from a brand of pizza sauce if you were wondering and I was born, like most people on this instance. I'm aro ace and my pronouns are he/him they/them. I like technology, web development, street art and pizza.

I've got 24 hours in Cookie Clicker and I've only had it for 2 days lol

I kind of want to go and make a photo book because I think it would be cool

I wonder what's up with people on YouTube shorts stealing clips from family guy all of the time

I just discovered that you can buy cardboard cutouts of minions online and now I kind of want one because it would be funny

Bruh it's snowing at the end of April the weather really needs to make up its mind

I've finally got my website updated after a good few months

I hate how slow it takes for videos on twitter to load

i have come to the conclusion that i won't buy that funny domain name

i really want to buy a new funny domain name but i don't want to spend the money 😔

Hot take: shirts can be worn both ways no matter if it was designed for that or not

I haven't posted in almost two months which is crazy

It's so strange to be able to hear whenever someone visits my website

I will still be refering to "Meta" as Facebook because fuck them.

There's something that makes me smile when seeing photos that were taken with disposable cameras

I can't even do any work until this finishes up which is really annyoing

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