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Hi, I'm Pizza Squeeze and this is my . I got my online name from a brand of pizza sauce if you were wondering and I was born, like most people on this instance. I'm aro ace and my pronouns are he/him they/them. I like technology, web development, street art and pizza.

I think I've came to the conclusion that the only thing that makes romantic relationships inherently romantic is the romantic attraction

i wonder what makes a romantic relationships inherently romantic because everything that people do in romantic relationships can be done with a QPP or a friend

i thought setting up an email server on a separate server than on your webserver would've been easier to do but i guess i was wrong

now i have to delete a whole bunch of dns records from cloudflare

welp i couldn't get it working :(. i guess i'll just try to install dovecot and postfix again

i had difficulty trying to set up an email server before but today i found out about this thing called Mail-In-A-Box so i'm going to try it out

My Subway sandwich order 

Italian herbs & cheese bread
Oven-roasted chicken
Swiss cheese
Green Olives
Black Olives
Red onions
Ranch sauce

gender stuff 

I'm almost certain I'm agender now because I read a post, on Reddit earlier, which made me feel way better about identifying that way.

i don't know how i remember that i ate a toasted tomato sandwich two weeks ago

cursed song lyrics 

sharty's like a melody in my head that i can't k-

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