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Crimes against Humanity.
Native children didn’t ‘lose’ their lives at residential schools. Their lives were stolen | Erica Violet Lee theguardian.com/commentisfree/

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Well, just had the final stage of my stem cell transplant today. All the stem cells are now flowing through my blood stream looking for a home in my bones. Now we wait a couple of weeks for them to do the business! At least I know what to expect as it’s my second one.

Today’s big super-spreader event. Stupid, stupid people.

Sydney anti-lockdown protest chaos as NSW Covid-19 crisis deteriorates


English football fans will be insufferable over this. I’m going to have to avoid several friends for a few weeks. Still, I suppose 55 years since playing in the last final is worth making a fuss about.

England's last finals' appearance was celebrated on Pathe newsreel, this time it was all over TikTok and Instagram.


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Vaccines are blocking Covid mutation. I'm unsure why this is medical news? But the reverse is unvaccinated people are fueling devastating Covid mutations. Thank you Pres Trump, Pres Bolsanaro and PM Modi--the 3 Covid mass murderers.


Just watching a flock of parapenters across the valley using the updraft front the sea cliff to give them lift. Must be half a dozen, circling to gain height before heading north along the coast to their landing zone by the next village.

Just had my first shots of GCSF, which stimulates production of bone marrow stem cells. Three injections into my big tummy (that’s to make up the correct dose for my weight from standard syringe sizes). If all goes well, we should be able to collect the surplus on Wednesday.

The dog often sits like this, on her knees. Still not used to it!

I got a text this week to say I was in group 3 and will get a call soon about getting vaccinated. However, I’m having a bone marrow stem cell transplant at the end of July, which will take a few months to recover from. I think it’s going to be a long time before I finally get the jab. Very lucky that people are generally responsible about mask wearing and sanitising for COVID. It has helped keep immune compromised people safer.

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Although I find this story annoying (“Entitled old people complain they aren’t given more priority”), I have to remind myself the angle was chosen by the reporter or her editor, and the people quoted were selected because their views fitted the chosen narrative.

“Wellingtonians in their late 60s, 70s and 80s who are yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have labelled the region's vaccine roll-out a shambles.”


Not much care and protection going on here.

"I think we can all agree over the past few years that it's obvious that Oranga Tamariki are failing to live up to their new name. Today, I am not here to defend the indefensible. Oranga Tamariki has made some serious mistakes and there is no hiding away from them." Children’s Minister, Kelvin Davis.


Very nice in the work cafe this morning. A group of people practises waiata (Māori songs) there a couple of times a week. Just random people - everyone is welcome. A lovely way to start the day.

Everyone has a right to keep their personal business private without being treated as though it’s a crime and suspicious in some way.


Depressing reading, but true. The housing market in New Zealand is a massive transfer of unearned wealth from renters to home owners. We need a capital gains tax, along with other measures to fix it.


Good grief. The train is barely 1/3 full today. From almost standing room only yesterday to lots of pairs of seats empty today. Are we over-reacting to going up one alert level?

In support of our Aussie friends in COVID lockdown, Wellington has gone up an alert level because we had an infectious visitor here from Sydney in the weekend. Fortunately, he used the tracing app and we were able to get a good list of places of interest. Remember folks, wear your masks on bus or train and scan those QR code’s everywhere you go.

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