Still too late to catch a lot of people heading out of town last night to their batch in Coromandel, though. Selfish so-and-sos.

This is one of the reasons why young people go into their minimum wage jobs when they’re sick and should be staying at home. Extraordinary, given that the whole country has just gone up a COVID alert level.

Discussion on impact of disease on body 

Still can’t quite get over the fact that I am 4-5cm shorter (depending on the time of day I’m measured) than I was 10 years ago. From 173cm down to 169/168cm (1cm taller in the morning than at the end of the day.) My myeloma has obviously had more effect on my spine than we suspected. I can see the difference when wearing certain clothing, particularly going-into-the-office, best-dressed, jacket and tie-types clothes.

Bugger! Auckland Arts Festival is supposed to be starting on Thursday. Got to feel sorry for all the organisers and performers who will have put months of work into this.

The PM’s expression at her press conference when she was asked about the young guy who had his positive COVID-19 test at the GP’s and then went to the gym before going home to wait for the results.

Good work, bro. Now, there’s a genuine local hero.

Unlike the old war memorials with the names of dead sons, brothers, cousins in town squares around NZ & Aust, which would have been real for survival relatives.

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Personally, I always found most memorials a bit weird. I understand they are symbolic and it requires us to use our imagination to create some emotional connection with them. But this Erebus memorial seems completely out of place. Parnell Park has no obvious connection with the tragedy or the people who died in it.

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The #GreatGreenWall aims to restore 100 million hectares of currently degraded land, sequester 250 million tonnes of carbon and create 10 million jobs in rural areas. (by 2030)

👉 46% of African land is degraded, jeopardizing the livelihoods of nearly two-thirds of the Continent’s population.

👉 20 million people in the Horn of Africa in 2017 declared on the verge of starvation following severe drought and food crises.

👉 Millions are expected to migrate from degraded parts of Africa in the next two decades

👉 100 million population of the Sahel is expected to grow to 340 million by 2050

👉 200 million of the 375 million young people entering the job market over the next 15 years will be living in rural areas.

Results so far:

🌴 12 million drought resistant trees were planted in Senegal

🌵 15 million hectare of degraded land were restored in Ethiopia; 5 million in Nigeria

🌳 5 million hectares of land have been restored in Niger, delivering 500.000 tonnes of grain per year. enough to feed 2.5 million people

🌱 3 million hectares in Burkina Faso have been rehabilitated through local practice used by communities called Zaï

#reforestation #ClimateMitigation #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice

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And tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in New Zealand. We’re certainly a lot better prepared now!

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The 7-day lockdown means people in Auckland are entitled to the wage subsidies and business support, which is good news. There seem to have been situations where people have gone into work when they should be isolating - either they or they employers don’t know about the rules and the support available. I wouldn’t be surprised if some employers know but ignore the rules because it’s too much hassle to sort out other rosters if someone is supposed to be isolating.

So, the whole country is back up another COVID alert level from 6am tomorrow. Some people haven’t been following the rules about self-isolating when they’re part of the affected community. The PM’s face when she was asked a question that highlighted that slackness shows she’s more than ‘frustrated’, as she keeps saying. The sources are still a mystery, though. Explains why I got a message at 8pm for a video conference for 8:30pm on a Saturday night!

Shout to my colleagues who make sure we produce important information for people arriving in New Zealand about being in isolation or quarantine for 14 days. We have a list of languages we translate everything into, but the horticultural workers coming from the Pacific are a special group as they all work together and the rules are very different to their normal experiences. This view is an example of the information folk from Vanuatu get, in the local Bislama language.

9pm, sitting upstairs sweltering in the muggy heat. Can’t open the windows because all the wildlife will pour in. Oh, woe is me. Hang on. We’ve got a heat pump I haven’t used since winter, which is also an aircon system. 18 degrees C, here I come.

Virtually everyone on the train home is wearing a mask. I know the compulsory rule is only new, and masks are a hassle and uncomfortable and fog your glasses. But as someone who had his first dose of chemo today in a process that’s going to take about 12 months, I’m very grateful for everyone who’s wearing one.

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It's disappointing it's taken the media so long to do this story - it's been in front of them for days. RNZ could have had it in the weekend, and this woman wouldn't have had the uncritical coverage she's had this week.

Where the f*** is this place? I clearly need to get out more with the cool kids.

Which Wellington cafe best suits you based on your personality?

Not exactly disappointed that I've developed a cold over the weekend and won't go into work tomorrow. Looks like it's shorts and bare feet in the office for the next day or two.

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