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Mathematicians and Engineers keep trying to solve transit and transport and traffic.

You know what they find, every time? Trains, mostly, would solve all the problems.

Plus some buses.

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8 Aug 1845 UK Parliament passed an enclosure act taking away public land and appointing officials who could enclose more land without approval from MPs – one of 5,000 such acts passed. This dispossession created the working class. libcom.org/history/short-histo

The most disappointing thing about the National Party’s attack on young people on Jobseekers benefit is that it allows their supporters and opponents to retreat to their tribal ideological homes and ignore the real big problems in the world. Total lack of imagination all round.

Historical English swearing 

If you’re interested in the history of language (English in this case) you need to know a bit out swearing. Here are some choice examples to add to your vocabulary (or not).

Explicit Content | History Today


“It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that avain flu has been confirmed in northern gannets on RSPB Grassholm, the 3rd largest colony in the world for this species. “

Massive increase in poultry farming in recent decades has created a huge potential reservoir of disease that can leak out to decimate wild populations.


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Far-right Sovereign Citizens in Eketahuna sent emails to 229 schools threatening to kidnap Principals if students were vaccinated, tried to kidnap Tararua District Mayor and threatened Justices of the Peace to sign documents to appoint them as "Sheriffs". times-age.co.nz/sheriffs-threa

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AntiFascistAkl/sta

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in 1086, the first ever english census of landholders and property was completed. the recorded names of landholders in the original manuscript include:

-Ælfric the pig
-Hugh the ass
-Humphrey Goldenbollocks
-Robert the bastard

The latest gadget isn’t always the best.

“Reduce digital waste
Tip 1: I keep my digital devices for as long as possible.”


According to the SA editor on birdsite, the suggestion that Americans could reduce their protein intake (ie eat less meat) has triggered a large number of outraged responses from people who consider this a vile attack on their whole way of life. Bless them, the sensitive flowers.

Eating Too Much Protein Makes Pee a Problem Pollutant in the U.S. - Scientific American


I see the same thing here in New Zealand. Developers build almost exclusively family-sized homes and established communities fight to prevent developments of smaller homes, especially terrace style dwellings. Our village has virtually nothing smaller than a 3-bedroom house.

In a market badly out of kilter, many older residents are stuck in their homes - The Boston Globe


“…a healthy body is a privilege – just like any other privilege, you can use it to protect others or you can abuse it.”

Mask disdain and the privilege of a healthy body | The Spinoff


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i hate the notion that to make a website today you need to either use a service or a framework

you really don't

please handcraft more HTML

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Today is this year’s Earth Overshoot Day - July 28.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year.


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Today is #EarthOvershootDay. In this post I talk about the reasons behind overshoot. I argue that it is overproduction, not overconsumption, that should get most of our attention.


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"Earth naturally has mechanisms by which carbon dioxide is taken out of our atmosphere and oceans and stored in rocks and soil, but these processes are gradual over hundreds of thousands of years and work only when the rate of emissions is moderate.

"However, alarmingly our calculations also show that we are now currently emitting carbon dioxide 200 times faster than those supervolcanic eruptions that caused the most severe mass extinctions."


We had this problem in our bay. It took us years to get permanent legal protection banning all shellfish gathering, netting and longline fishing. Only hand-held lines allowed for fishing. But, we still see people poaching shellfish and have to tell them they’re not allowed to take any.

Keep starfish off the barbecue: New Zealanders call for rockpool protections


I don’t give a toss about UK politics but was amused to hear in a weekend podcast that Liz Truss was once described as ‘a vacuous chancer who would be out of her depth in a puddle’.

After inadvertently seeing her in a clip on YouTube I think that was a generous description.

That feeling when you put off lighting the fire to warm the house up because you’re sure the sun is going to come out but give up and light it at lunchtime and the sun comes out and now you’re sure you’re going to be too warm. Sigh.

(Dad would have said, “If you’re that cold, put another jersey on and don’t waste wood.”)

Rediscovering my appreciation of these almost perfect little devices for delivering a rapid jolt of java. This one has been sitting forlorn and unloved on a shelf behind the stove for a few months as I used a small plunger. But, no longer.

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