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I joined Mastodon because I was looking for a social media experience that was actually social.

I missed the early days of online socializing, before algorithms and excessive advertising, that involved seeking out interesting people to chat with.

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Having been here a little over a year now, I wanted to do a more thorough re-introduction.

Hi! I’m pka_sarracenia (he/him)

I enjoy and raising other , especially and

I do in my free time, especially

I recently got into home brewing

Other hobbies include and consuming excessive amounts of and


Wordle 210 3/6



Wordle 209 4/6



Yikes! That was close.

Wordle 208 6/6



This could be addicting…

Wordle 207 2/6


Finished another painting. Tried using more detail than I normally do. It was a good learning experience. On to the next one…

Dusted off my art supplies. Still lots to work on, but I feel a little more confident each time.

# Watercolor

Encountered this sign on the drive home, and I’m both terrified and morbidly curious.

More adventures in fermentation. A little over two and half gallons of lacto fermented dill pickles and two pounds of hot peppers that will eventually become sriracha.

Pandemic idiocy 

JFC… With the delta variant raging, the office decided it would be the perfect time for a dish to pass picnic. Nothing says “responsible” like the entire office pawing at a communal sub tray during a pandemic.

I’ve enjoyed home brewing so much, that I decided to upgrade. Moving up from brew-in-a-bag on the stovetop to an electric kettle. I tried it out yesterday with a pale ale recipe I threw together. It was super easy to use and much more efficient. Also, being able to double my output is a nice bonus.

Well, time to turn Follow Request on. Not going to deal with porn spambots.

#Garlic scapes! They smell so good.

I'm chopping these up and throwing them into a soup I'm making.

These are from 'hardneck' garlic. The 'bump' part way down each one is where the flower head would have developed. If you don't pick these at this time, the plant would focus it's energy on developing the flowers, to the detriment of the bulbs in the ground.

#Gardening #Plants #KitchenGarden #Vegetables @plants

Trigger warning: spiders and aphids.

Nice flowers from the garden: onion -with a great green spider on it-, pole pea and potatoes. Never seen a potato flower before this year: they look pretty nice, despite the tons of aphids on them. Can't wait to taste my own potatoes :_earth:
@plants #florespondance

Carnivorous plants! Does anyone have some? This is my new sarracenia. It's been pretty difficult dealing with the light: it needs a lot (about 6 hours per day) of direct sunlight and I don't have this much around my house. Hope it's not gonna suffer in the long run.
@plants #florespondance

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