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I joined Mastodon because I was looking for a social media experience that was actually social.

I missed the early days of online socializing, before algorithms and excessive advertising, that involved seeking out interesting people to chat with.

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Having been here a little over a year now, I wanted to do a more thorough re-introduction.

Hi! I’m pka_sarracenia (he/him)

I enjoy and raising other , especially and

I do in my free time, especially

I recently got into home brewing

Other hobbies include and consuming excessive amounts of and

I recently learned that some butterworts are self fertile and prolific. The neighboring pot is full of them.

Things I’ve Learned In Counseling 

So, now what? The plan is to take some introductory psychology courses to test the waters. If that goes well, then I’ll fully reboot my education and work towards an eventual mental health counseling degree.

I’m also going to start looking for other job opportunities in a service field. I can finally admit that I hate what I do and I’m ready to stop torturing myself.

I’ve never been so simultaneously exhilarated and terrified before.

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Things I’ve Learned In Counseling 

My parents meant well, but were very much learning as they went and ended up being kind of tyrannical.

I value showing empathy over everything else. This is why work is such a slog. The job is the catalyst, not a casualty. I have a serious empathy deficit.

I might not be as introverted as I thought. I might be more emotionally malnourished by not getting my empathy fix for 2 decades. I feel like a light starved plant.

Started playing Monster Hunter Rise. Great game so far, but I have a feeling that I’m going to have the Bunny Dango song stuck in my head until the end of time...

#florespondence from my garden this weekend

I really love the fava flowers, they have such great markings. I planted these as a cover crop, not for good, but I'm just now reading you can eat the flowers so I'll probably do that.

About 35k #Seattle residents voted, and the Boring Machine that is going to dig the new wastewater storage tunnel from Ballard to Wallingford has been named....


After the local band.

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More practicing negative space. I think I’m getting better but I still see room for improvement. Does painted still count?

Every year around this time, the Alexanderplatz in #Krefeld, #Germany, is a sight to see. It's time for the cherry blossoms. Aren't they beautiful?
#nature #spring #florespondence

I've got some beautiful dicentra as a gift. I'm growing some young dicentras in my garden, so I hope there will be many more this year <3

#florespondence #photography #photographie #macrophotography

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