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I joined Mastodon because I was looking for a social media experience that was actually social.

I missed the early days of online socializing, before algorithms and excessive advertising, that involved seeking out interesting people to chat with.

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Having been here a little over a year now, I wanted to do a more thorough re-introduction.

Hi! I’m pka_sarracenia (he/him)

I enjoy and raising other , especially and

I do in my free time, especially

I recently got into home brewing

Other hobbies include and consuming excessive amounts of and

food • snacks • almost-a-recipe 

A priest, a minister, and a rabbit walk into a blood bank. 

homemade cocoa mix 

Food, Scotland 

To sooth a busy Monday, we give you the tranquil sounds of our small front yard fish pond.

Here's a little #florespondence from my walk with the dog today.

The larger is an American Field Pansy (Viola bicolor) and the smaller ones are Tiny Bluets (Houstonia caerulea). Both show up all over this area as soon as Spring arrives and provide a welcome pop of spring colors after the dreariness of Winter.

Does anyone have any music recommendations? In particular, something in the vein of Shoegaze or Psychedelic Rock. I’m in the mood for some fuzzy, distorted guitars.

My gardener is coming tomorrow which I'm so glad about. There's so much to be done & most of it I don't have the energy to do myself.

We've worked out how we are going to keep distance. I'm going to clean all handles etc before and after, and make her tea & biscuits using gloves. And I've made a detailed list of what I want need doing where, to help make it easier for her.

I think #WeGotThis.


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