Evil groceries 

I guess this is technically deviled ham?

I recently learned that some butterworts are self fertile and prolific. The neighboring pot is full of them.

More practicing negative space. I think I’m getting better but I still see room for improvement. Does painted still count?

More lunch hour painting practice. This time I tried to focus on negative space and leave most of the waterfall unpainted. The end result is kind of patchwork-y, but I think I like it.

Another lunch hour painting. Kind of overworked and muddy in places, but that’s all the more reason to keep practicing!


It’s brew day! Making a New England style IPA hopped with Simcoe, El Dorado, and Mosaic. Afterwards, I’m going to make an experimental micro-batch. The local brewery has a Belgian inspired barrel aged sour. It’s unpasteurized so I should be able to ferment and sour this batch from the dregs at the bottom of the can.

Aurora’s new obsession is blanket forts. She’s gotten to the point where she’ll anxiously pace on the back of the sofa until you build her one.

The flavor and haziness are spot on. Now that I have a grain bill that gives me the characteristics I’m looking for, I can make all sorts of variations by mixing up the amounts, timing and varieties of hops.

Self critique time: Carbonation is a little low, so I’ll need to up the priming sugar next time. It’s also a little darker than I calculated. Part of it is an illusion from the haze. I’ll have to bug the local head brewer to see if he had any ideas why.

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