I recently learned that some butterworts are self fertile and prolific. The neighboring pot is full of them.

A small spider has decided to live dangerously and take up residence in one of my nepenthes’ pitchers.

Birthday trip to the nursery. I scored 3 different D. muscipula “Akai Ryu” clones and a S. flava var. rubricorpora. I guess I was in a red mood.

Brocchinia reducta is some of the strangest I’ve ever seen. Tiny, nondescript white flowers clustered on an obnoxiously large flower spike.

Having been here a little over a year now, I wanted to do a more thorough re-introduction.

Hi! I’m pka_sarracenia (he/him)

I enjoy and raising other , especially and

I do in my free time, especially

I recently got into home brewing

Other hobbies include and consuming excessive amounts of and

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