More practicing negative space. I think I’m getting better but I still see room for improvement. Does painted still count?

More lunch hour painting practice. This time I tried to focus on negative space and leave most of the waterfall unpainted. The end result is kind of patchwork-y, but I think I like it.

Another lunch hour painting. Kind of overworked and muddy in places, but that’s all the more reason to keep practicing!

Having been here a little over a year now, I wanted to do a more thorough re-introduction.

Hi! I’m pka_sarracenia (he/him)

I enjoy and raising other , especially and

I do in my free time, especially

I recently got into home brewing

Other hobbies include and consuming excessive amounts of and

A watercolor painting for the in-laws. Cabbages are fun to paint. As an added bonus, once I’m finished, I can make a big pot of cabbage soup.

Sarracenia are way more difficult to paint than I anticipated. It turned out...ok-ish.

I suppose painted flowers still sort of count as florespondence. Not my best, but good enough for picking away at it on lunch breaks.

Hello! New Mastodon user here. I’m a watercolor painter, plant enthusiast (especially carnivorous plants), and a drinker of too much coffee.


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