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#Garlic scapes! They smell so good.

I'm chopping these up and throwing them into a soup I'm making.

These are from 'hardneck' garlic. The 'bump' part way down each one is where the flower head would have developed. If you don't pick these at this time, the plant would focus it's energy on developing the flowers, to the detriment of the bulbs in the ground.

#Gardening #Plants #KitchenGarden #Vegetables @plants

Trigger warning: spiders and aphids.

Nice flowers from the garden: onion -with a great green spider on it-, pole pea and potatoes. Never seen a potato flower before this year: they look pretty nice, despite the tons of aphids on them. Can't wait to taste my own potatoes :_earth:
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@absinthe I have a slight obsession with carnivorous plants. Sarracenia are my favorite.

Carnivorous plants! Does anyone have some? This is my new sarracenia. It's been pretty difficult dealing with the light: it needs a lot (about 6 hours per day) of direct sunlight and I don't have this much around my house. Hope it's not gonna suffer in the long run.
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The contest to name the new #Seattle bike-lane sweeper has been won by an 11-year-old boy and his suggestion "OK Broomer."


[CRUDE LANGUAGE] Tarantula sex is weirder than you probably think... 

@ajdunevent It’s a wonder that tarantulas have survived as long as they have.

Evil groceries 

I guess this is technically deviled ham?


Well, crap. I already went and got my shot at the county health department like a chump.


Me: “I’m not sure if I like these store brand hickory smoked almonds as much as the name brand.

Also Me: “I’d better another 50 just to make sure.”

I recently learned that some butterworts are self fertile and prolific. The neighboring pot is full of them.

Things I’ve Learned In Counseling 

So, now what? The plan is to take some introductory psychology courses to test the waters. If that goes well, then I’ll fully reboot my education and work towards an eventual mental health counseling degree.

I’m also going to start looking for other job opportunities in a service field. I can finally admit that I hate what I do and I’m ready to stop torturing myself.

I’ve never been so simultaneously exhilarated and terrified before.

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Things I’ve Learned In Counseling 

My parents meant well, but were very much learning as they went and ended up being kind of tyrannical.

I value showing empathy over everything else. This is why work is such a slog. The job is the catalyst, not a casualty. I have a serious empathy deficit.

I might not be as introverted as I thought. I might be more emotionally malnourished by not getting my empathy fix for 2 decades. I feel like a light starved plant.

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