I think we should invent a term for "the feeling of having something important in the current clipboard buffer"

Anyone else who is suggesting clipboard managers is getting blocked

@pl I'd love if there was a program that stored your clipboard history, and allowed different clipboards with different keybinds.

(probably is, but no idea what it is)

@tuxcrafting @mewmew @pl There should be another thing that could work through dmenu, won’t be hard to implement it tho, at worst you can create a background shell script

@mewmew @pl I've used ditto on windows which does pretty decent for clipboard history but not sure about the keybinds

@pl And also for "the feeling of having something important in the current clipboard buffer... but it is gone now"

@SitromRogir and not being able to remember what it actually was

@pl The Windows clipboard history (Windows + V) has saved my bacon countless times.

@pl "zoinking out" kinda captures the action of having something in the buffer and the adrenaline that goes along with not re-zoinking before you zoink in again.

@Tak I do speak German and I promise there isn't any

@MarcatoMarc I wouldn't describe it as particularly angst-y

@pl this is the kind of quest for which I turn to Douglas Adams’ Meaning of Liff, but the closest I could find there was


“The safe place you put something and then forget where it was.”

@rusty Close but I'd say clipboards are quite the opposite of safe, it's rather a volatile place

@pl It feels to me like a little status LED is on in my brain until I make the paste.

Or like the little "tick tick tick" sound a car's turn signal makes to remind you that it's still on.

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