@Lofenyy @projectgus Oh thanks for the link! A few months ago I was curious whether you can compress hibernation-file and I guess with swap that might work. I have a notebook with broken suspend-to-ram (like uses 100% battery in a day) but hibernation doesn't really work well because somehow this machine has 64GB memory :D. I hope compression will magically make hibernation work.

@uint8_t Hermes by far the worst in regards of workers exploitation

@elchrucksack Danke für die Inspiration! Muss noch Taschen machen lernen, aber am ende hat es schon recht gut geklappt, schmecken ziemlich gut auch wenn nicht so pretty wie deine :)


CN food

Just saw too many Pierogi pictures on m astodon and finally gave it a try.

These are Pierogi, with Sweetpotato/Vegan Meat/Mushroom/Onion/Spinach filling. Took me all in all a bit less than three hours for everything (including cleaning the kitchen).

I have plenty uncooked ones for freezing...

The ones that are messed up is because I piled them up on a plate, don't do that button ones will stick to each other.


@edavies hm when a cop gets caught they is also getting an internal evaluation, even if they is not a cop anymore

Hey! Are you Berlin based, a software developer and excited about and news 🗞️ ?

Then come work with us as a Lead Software Architect!


@deletescape Hey, your GitLab instance is lacking couple of security updates. I can highly recommend setting up autoupdates + backups.

drugs, weed, alcohol, coffee 

@rose_rage333 Hab vor genau 11 Monaten zuletzt gekifft. Alkohol danach noch zwei-drei Mal aber würde sagen das ich seit bald einem Jahr ziemlich straight edge unterwegs bin. Ich lebe vegan seit einigen Jahren und aber Kaffee trinke ich weiterhin (wobei ich mir mühe gebe ab und an 1+ Monate pause zu machen).

Ich weiß nicht wie lange ich es durchziehen werde, aber ich kann mir gar nicht wieder das alte Leben zurück vorstellen.

CN food

Autopilot and suddenly dinner is ready (Pak Choi, Sweet potato, pumpkin, tofu, rice noodles, peanut butter garlic soy sauce, mushrooms, ...)

@hinton Lucky you like it! :) It's about three spoons of sunflower seeds and two of yeast flakes as far as I remember. Otherwise just make any amount of the sunflower seeds and then gradually add the yeast flakes until you are happy with the taste.

@ekaitz_zarraga Close to Aussichtspunkt Kyritz-Ruppiner Heide
16909 Wittstock
maps.app.goo.gl/cc3jvKpmeptz9b I cycled there in summer, I was cycling for like 9 hours when I took the photo

@maltimore pip + venv because adding pipenv will make your CI/CD runs more complicated.

CN food

I blended sunflower seeds and combined them with salt, cayenne pepper, smoked pepper and yeast flakes as an improvised parmesan replacement for my beluga lentil, eggplant red-wine tomato sauce

CN food

Just ate a first slice of this pumpkin chocolate caramel pie and I can highly recommend it! I used butternut but I believe it would taste even better with a stronger tasting pumpkin.


@freebliss xD - I've been running on wayland for 1 1/2 years now and I can't really remember any issues setting it up anymore. Tried gnome in-between but always seeking back to swaywm (though gnome does do a better job with scaling x11 applications (like gtk or electron))

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