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Someone posted this on Twitter a physical ruler synthesizer

food, vegan jokes 

How do you know someone's vegan?

Don't worry, they'll share their recipes with you.

Really nice, since recently supports vnc via . Just only gave it a real quick test and it worked on my local network through an SSH tunnel, just have to pick a sweet vnc tool - appears to be a bit buggy

when two people from one shared apartment start interacting with you on two different channels at the same time 😻

It is hilarious that apparently you can't get espeak to say digits instead of numbers (espeak will read 555 as five hundred fifty five). I guess nice that they've implemented that, but they forgot to add a switch. sed for the rescue

echo 123456 | sed -e 's/\(.\)/\1 /g' | espeak

What is your gender and why is it non-binary?

selfie eye-contact

Also wearing face masks is much easier now


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All I remember of school is being bullied, arguing with teachers because they were oversimplifying the important, and almost failing every single exam because I didn't had the emotional energy to put any efforts into my school education outside school.

Are you dreaming of living in a trailer/tiny house/cave/commune?

TIL you can unlock Microsoft Bitlocker through fuse on Linux/macos

If a computer virus is written in nodejs - is it still proper to call a virus?

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