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Patrick L Archibald (PLA) ✅☮🚲💚

Timelapse video of today's snow event. 2 minutes. Parks at Nexton Summerville SC.

Live feed from my apartment.
Watch "Nexton Summerville SC Snow Day - Wednesday 3 January 2017"

Yellow Warbler in a snowy tree. Unfamiliar environment. Doesn't snow in Summerville SC much.

Dusted off Amazon Fire TV to check on the . YouTube works via Firefox on Amazon Fire TV just fine. Can't we all just get along?

Installed Tootdon. Looks good. doesn't seem to capitalize the first letter in a new sentence.

Installing Android 8.0.1. Hope it fixes the wifi authentication problem it is having.

Extreme error messages - Our child has stopped talking to us, kill it off.
Unknown error during retrieval of status from the MythTV backend.

Little bit of excitement on my bicycle ride. Some folks were watching the Summerville Christmas parade on the train tracks. Train came and everyone scattered to safety. I used the opportunity to cross the street and parade.