@pla This is a test mention from mastodon dot social to my account. I should receive an email.

I configured a Pleroma server. Follow me if you don't mind. I am @pla

Installed Tusky until I can figure out how to get the PWA working again.

Having trouble with the on mobile for mastodon.social. Anyone else? Pixel 2 Chrome. I get just a blank timeline. Tried an incognito session too. Same result. I have 2FA if that matters. Has been working great until today.

Started receiving alarms yesterday afternoon from the wetness probe in the computer room. One of the 2 AC units is low on refrigerant. Getting it topped off this morning. The wetness probe has been helpful more than once.

@nutomic I am using peertube.social. Thanks! I am supporting via . I have a couple of questions. What is the average "Waiting transcoding" duration? Would it be technically possible to write an Android app that could cast a video to a Chromecast device?

While the Tex Yoda II mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown is nice and pleasant to type on, I miss the dedicated function keys and I especially miss the dedicated directional keys. I think it affirms that the Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint is the perfect keyboard for me.

I guess the `noindex` setting is theme specific. For the theme I am using, gohugo-theme-ananke, I needed to specify in my config.toml file the Param `env = "production"`.

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