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Would more furries be interested in my art if I made a fursona?

Maybe I'm overthinking things.

Here's birds

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Hey yall @tonyasong is online!! she's real good <3

oh no everyone's going to and what is that

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Goddamn it human resource machine you can't fail me for not programming for variables you didn't tell me about

@Scruffo why

Time to play more progamming the video game because I hate myself

twitter, homophobic slur in image 

human resource machine is making me remember that programming is a nightmare because it's like trying to give basic instructions to some asshole who keeps pretending they don't understand

why would you do this to me @Scruffo

bring back mr. magoo's dick, coward

you know who you are

not gonna lie when people talk about muting a bunch of people for being annoying i worry i'm one of them every time

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Composition from last year I gave up on because I felt it wasn't turning out.

i was gonna do the my president joke with this but then i remembered this is what people think they voted for for real

anyone else looking forward to netflix's death note sequel

no adam wingard + willem dafoe, no deal tho

everyone gather round so i can explain why secret life of walter mitty is a secret doug sequel [1/203]

remember when doug went to bumper cars and it was several levels high

kid me thought that was pretty fuckin sick

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