twitter, homophobic slur in image 


twitter terf mass reporter successfully (?) reported 

Attention anyone still using twitter: Block @Hormordr, block his followers. He spends all day searching for people saying "TERF" and sends an army of followers to report them. You DO NOT have to say anything abusive or violent to be targeted. Twitter either will not review his posts with a real person, or possibly even condones his behavior.

I was just reminded of Heinrich Kley by @kaputotter in a post on twitter.

Everyone remember Heinrich Kley and his rad art that inspired Fantasia.

TERFs, but important for trans people still on twitter 

TERFs, but important for trans people still on twitter 

begging for follows, twitter 

watching @slowbeef play Panic! from back in July and I'm very disappointed in him for not recognizing the Sagrada Familia

antoni gaudi and catalan modernism 4 lyfe

When the movie Avatar came out the California state fair converted their haunted house ride into this and I will never forgive this treason

i brought back this gif from the universe where anime is good

Every once in awhile I remember this book cover and wonder who this was supposed to be marketing the book to in 1984

In December 2015 I turned these in to my photoshop class looking like this

like for a grade

as the final project

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