I just wanted to check the schedule on my phone 🤦‍♂️

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Is there a command-line #podcast aggregator that can also download videos from youtube RSS feeds?

I’m looking for something I can run via cron.

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Wondering if there is any decent open source alternative to reCAPTCHA 🤔

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I stumbled upon BBC's podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen. 3 episodes in, I'm super impressed with it. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07nkd84

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I love when people get out of Libre software bigotry and push for the better, allowing their peers not to be perfect.

Projects such as @nextcloud and @wallabag or @matrix provide iOS versions of their apps, and I think it does more for freeing users than bashing them about using a non-free system

Libre software is important, but it is a mean to free people, not an end in itself

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The Persistence of Chaos - $1M malware infected laptop

(submitted by phprecovery)


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