@irl Have you tried Hydrogen-web? It’s lightweight compared to element. hydrogen.element.io/

I just wanted to check the schedule on my phone 🤦‍♂️

@pony It is long exposure, probably with ND filter. See the projectile trail. If you can bump your exposure to 3-4 seconds and the tank is not moving, you could time it easily.

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Is there a command-line #podcast aggregator that can also download videos from youtube RSS feeds?

I’m looking for something I can run via cron.

@ombres I asked myself the same question recently when the Overcast app introduced the privacy info for each podcast. They really do collect a lot of data.

@cadadr i3wm ticks all the boxes for me. Don’t forget to track your config file in git so you may safely experiment with all the possible options and revert if needed until you get the setup the way it works best for you.

@piggo The only time I “close” the 10000000 scratchpad tabs in Sublime is when they get destroyed by buggy update from the dev release channel. Nowadays this happens rarely, though.

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Wondering if there is any decent open source alternative to reCAPTCHA 🤔

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I stumbled upon BBC's podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen. 3 episodes in, I'm super impressed with it. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07nkd84

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I love when people get out of Libre software bigotry and push for the better, allowing their peers not to be perfect.

Projects such as @nextcloud and @wallabag or @matrix provide iOS versions of their apps, and I think it does more for freeing users than bashing them about using a non-free system

Libre software is important, but it is a mean to free people, not an end in itself

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The Persistence of Chaos - $1M malware infected laptop

(submitted by phprecovery)

@kkuchta Totally made my day. Congrats on the HN high-ranking spot.


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