@plantabaja i like the concept but damn this font is awful (and any other font trying to imitate Cyrillic)

You can follow websites in the fediverse and comment on the posts

@webmind @plantabaja comnenting on websites is not always a good thing. Actually i never liked it. More troll/fake news/bots that i can handle. Will probably stick to good old rss without 3rd party sites mixing in. And keep it out of my sites too..

@xinomilo @plantabaja @webmind i removed comments and just give people an email address. And they send me emails with questions and stuff. It's much better


@plantabaja @xinomilo

Sure, but then it's still nice to have all your feeds in one interface. And the ability to easily share the content



The websites don't have to show the comments.

It's just nice to have to not have to deal with all these different protocols. And AP can also do what rss does.

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