Current development progress for Alpha 24 is fluctuating between 98% and 99%. A few more bugs still need to be ironed out before the final packaging of the game, and then we're ready to go... One thing to look forward to in Alpha 24 are the totally reworked horse models and animations by Alexandermb. This graphic by wowgetooffyourcellphone illustrates the improvements quite well.

@play0ad i would really much prefer if you would concentrate on upgrading the performance than doing visual overhauls.

I really like the game a lot but I cannot play one session without immense lag and stuttering at the end which makes it unpayable for me. And I have a very performant machine...

@choboDOC Art and programming are too different teams. So usually they can't do each other's work. We have some nice perf impromevements planned for A25, if everything goes according to plan.

@play0ad That's good to hear. Again, you guys are doing a wonderful job and in don't intend to diminish that, but I just want to play the game from start to finish once :D

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