The wait is almost over!
0 A.D. Alpha 25 “Yaunã," will officially be released tomorrow, Sun 8th Aug 2021.
The release will be staggered through the course of the day and will be announced on

@play0ad I'm already compiling the RC's, the next step will be to use trunk directly then contributing lol

@crodges Well doing things one step at a time is nice :) Do no hesitate to reach out to us on IRC -dev channel :)

@lienrag Might have to wait a bit. Bullseye should only have A24 (They can't bundle stuff that came out today) :D


Seems logical.
But the page you linked to likns itself to a "download instructions for Linux" that says that for stretch one has to use the backorts while buster (my bad, not bullseye) has the latest version.
Aren't these download instructions for the version you announced (Yauna) ?

The instructions are general, and can be updated anytime, the problem is the time it takes to get into the repos. Releasing on Windows and macOS is instantaneous, while distros like @ubuntu still don't have the previous version :(


Well, it's certainly counter-intuitive to link to general instructions when talking about a specific release...

Anyway, apparently the Flatpak is updated to the last version. It seems that I'm one restart away from testing it...


The flatpak seems to be not working actually ?
I'm not the only one getting an error when installing it...

@lienrag Hi you might need to give it permissions to write stuff on the disk (config files, error logs)


How exactly ?
It's not in the doc, and I succeeded in installing the #Freetube flatpak...


Actually I was wrong and it looks like a bug with flatpack

So I guess it could be reported on

Might be because the archive size of 0 A.D. grew significantly in A25.

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