If you are on Windows and have got an AMD GPU/APU, We need your help. We're trying to debug a weird crash with the last version of 0 A.D. It would seem AMD no longer support old versions of GL with compatibility profile

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@play0ad I've a AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (on windows 10). If it's one of them, I can test in the next days.

@play0ad no, srry i miss this point on your fisrt toot.

@play0ad got an rx480 that I could test it on later today or tomorrow, if you still need help.

@arca0 Sure you can test if the game crashes or not :)

@play0ad in any particular circumstances? I just ran it for a while and didn’t notice any problems.

@play0ad got it - could not replicate that issue so far.

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