Make sure you enable your userreporter, this way we can have more accurate statistics about 0 A.D. and make some platform specific changes :)

For instance we recently discovered we had PowerPC users

Current development progress for Alpha 24 is fluctuating between 98% and 99%. A few more bugs still need to be ironed out before the final packaging of the game, and then we're ready to go... One thing to look forward to in Alpha 24 are the totally reworked horse models and animations by Alexandermb. This graphic by wowgetooffyourcellphone illustrates the improvements quite well.

Alpha 24 is inching closer to completion. Stay tuned for an ETA.

(screenshot by Wowgetoffyourcellphone)

Vladislav Belov, one of our developpers will be giving a talk in 40mins at the online edition of FOSDEM

You can see the live here

Did you know that Alpha 24 will feature new archery ranges, stables and siege workshops for every faction? Even mods like Terra Magna aren't being left out. Check out the new archery range for the Zapotecs, by Lopess, one of our community members.

European Bison, by MrLux. These pretty beasts almost disappeared from the face of the earth in the 1920's (Wikipedia). Still missing someone to animate them and sounds

A Han Chinese town, made by Jaimele in the Atlas map editor.

Don't forget to check out Terra Magna from our in-game mod-downloader! (settings → mod selection → download mods). Terra Magna is a civilization mod that features the Zapotecs, the Han Chinese and the Xiongnu.

While waiting for MSAA filter, we added a new "Sharpening Filter" effect to reduce the blurring induced by the FXAA filter. The amount of sharpening is configurable in the options.

In the next version, map makers will be able to recenter their map when resizing them.

An ancient town in the Maurya Empire, by Jaimele.

Atlas, our map-editor, has many new juicy assets ready for Alpha 24. If you're good at creating beautiful, natural, organic, well balanced and interesting maps, don't hesitate to download the development version of the game and check it out for yourself:

(And of course, we'd love it if you share your creations with the community 😉 )

Shout out to the Waffling Taylors for inviting us for an interview!You can listen to the interview at:

One of our community members, jaimele, provided us with a screenshot of his Ptolemaic port city. What do you think?

And remember, feel free to post beautiful screenshots of your own in this forum thread:

In the next version, artists will be able to specify new animations when units are ordered to gather a resource. They will now be able to carry the appropriate tools and use different animations.

Hyrule Conquest a Legend of Zelda themed mod using Pyrogenesis our engine, will be organizing a tournament soon. If you are interested in participating, you can register on or on their discord.

Go check out the review
did on our development version! Like them you can use the Snap, the Ubuntu PPA, or compile from source.

Tired of seeing jagged edges on your buildings? A24 will include at last, new graphic option called FXAA, that will definitely get rid of what one of our users tenderly called "The Sawtooth effect". We're working on more filters, so stay tuned :)

LordGood's gracious reminder that pyrogenesis, our game engine is not limited to Antiquity.
Pyrogenesis 1861 is a mod that aims to depict the American Civil War (1861-1865).

play0ad.official Hippopotamuses have been spotted near waterholes, you might see some in A24!

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