I wrote up a quick blog post last night on how to keep a fork up to date with an upstream repo. Behold, git remote, fetch and merge! philna.sh/blog/2018/08/21/git-

Checking out Mastodon again. toot.cat is down, feed on mastodon.social is empty. I tried to add a picture of that as well but got a 500 Internal Server Error on the upload... mastodon.social/media/1J87rPsP

if you're seeing this then I managed to toot from Clojure. \o/

(str (uri/join (:host @toot-cat) "/api/v1/statuses"))
{:form-params {:status "if you're seeing this then I managed to toot from Clojure. \o/"}
:headers "Authorization" (str "Bearer " access-token)})

I was born on a full moon with nomads blood in my veins
I can grow fond of a place the urge to move still remains
you might have seen me on sandals or met me on trains
I'm that stranger in town who was gone the next day
there's no telling where I'm heading, if only I knew
but each time the sun rises the road starts anew

Full text devblog.arnebrasseur.net/the_r


Wasn't sure if my programming toots were suitable for toot.cat but @polymerwitch just faved my mini-rant so that's settled then :D

Frustrated coder 

Tried to sign off from doing work stuff because I had been banging my head against the wall for an hour. Couldn't let it go so went into hardcore debug mode.

It was a swallowed exception.

It's always a swallowed exception.


Super early but mastodon.el is available on GitHub:


Entry functions are `mastodon-register' and `mastodon-toot'. I have not been able to send a new toot because of a scope issue, but maybe you'll have more luck.

PRs are very welcome and a README is coming soon.

It's amazing how much cooking and eating my own food for a day makes me feel better. Making some baba ghanoush now as we toot! 🍆

Let's confuse things a bit - there is a thing called #matrix - it is a decentralized and modern alternative to whatsapp&co.

:arrow_right: matrix.org
:arrow_right: tchncs.de/matrix

You folks choosed freedom for microblogging - let's continue with freedom in chatting.

Sorry for the instance hopping, folks. I was looking for something with a good CoC and a nice local community and it seems toot.cat might be just the place.

Also I think I'm multi-faceted enough to warrant a few alts. Let's see if they develop a distinct personality :D

When you design a CoC for your or instance, remember that you want enough strictness to:

- Kick ESR off if he shows up
- Aggressively ban botters & 4chan
- Shut up the nazi-brigade when they come
- Protect your users from abusive third parties.

if anybody is interested in learning I published a primer yogthos.github.io/ClojureDisti

there's also a nice cloud IDE, so you don't even need to install anything to get running nightcoders.net/

I think Mastodon is the safe haven I've been craving for years. Give me your queers, your trans, your depressed. Gather them and take a nap.

Thimbleweed park is great but it's *hard* at times. Doesn't help that I only find time to play every few days at best. So many things to keep in your head.

Flying back to Berlin. Had a great couple days to hang with family and friends. Ate and drank like a Belgian :D See you on the other side!

If you're interested at how Mastodon/oStatus works on the HTTP level these notes might be helpful. I only just started poking around with this so it's really the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot of protocols and specs involved, so I figured looking at some HTTP interactions might help to clear things up.


Ok not fully convinced yet about toot.berlin, so I guess I'm back on mastodon.social for now. I'm looking for a place with strong moderation and an interesting local timeline. Preferably run by people of a minority group so they understand what's at stake.

I might just have to join the witches. 🐈🔮

Feels good to be on a smaller instance with my fellow Berlin techies. I think I'll do most of my tooting from this account.

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